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September Writing Challenge #22: Fitness Survival Kit

on September 22, 2012

Welcome to the first day of Fall, and Day 22 of Fitness Cheerleader’s writing challenge.  Today’s topic is what would you put in your fitness survival kit.

Since all of my fitness lately has revolved around running, my survival kit would be filled with my go to running essentials.

My Running Shoes.  I am still waiting to wear my new shoes on a run.  Hopefully tomorrow is the day!

my fast shoes

My Garmin.  I never go for a run without it.  I’m kind of obsessed with my pace, distance, calories burned…all the good details. 

garmin survival

My run nutrition.  Anything more than a 45 minute run and I will be taking my run nutrition along with me. 

run nutrition

My tunes.  If I am running alone, I need my iPod.  While I’m getting better at running alone, I need some help to keep moving, and that’s where my run tunes come in. 


My fuel belt.  Any run over 45 minutes or so, I need water.  So, my fuel belt is a staple for most of my runs.  It carries my water bottles, but I’ve also got a little pouch on it that holds my nutrition and iPod.  I don’t really like wearing it, but I am too nervous to run without water, so I just suck it up and wear it. 

fuel belt

I will get to put all of my fitness survival kit essentials into good use tomorrow (except the iPod) as my sister and I head out for this week’s 18k long run.

What’s in your fitness survival kit?


2 responses to “September Writing Challenge #22: Fitness Survival Kit

  1. runninghaiku says:

    Looks similar to mine but your new kicks are way cooler looking. Have fun out there!


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