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September Writing Challenge #24: Fitness “Gimmicks”

on September 24, 2012

We are quickly approaching the end of September.  This month is just flying by!  Today is Day 24 of the writing challenge hosted by Fitness Cheerleader.  Today’s topic:  Have you even fallen for a fitness “gimmick”?

It’s not like there is a shortage of gimmicks out there, but I’ve never really fallen for any.  I’ve been tempted by a few…most recently the HCG Diet…but it just seemed too good to be true, and I like to eat WAY too much to only consume 500 calories a day!

A few years ago, I did do P90X for a summer.  I got up at the crack of dawn every day, jumped around my family room like a crazy person, and ended up exhausted.  I wasn’t eating properly to support all the exercise I was getting.  Along with the full P90X schedule, I was playing golf, ball hockey, ice hockey and soccer.  I just got so wiped out, I couldn’t keep it going.  And, through all of this, I didn’t drop a pound!  I did lose a few inches and I felt like I was getting stronger, but without the proper diet and nutrition to support it, I couldn’t maintain it.

Now, I run, try to eat clean, healthy meals, and it works just fine for me.  No gimmicks, just sensible food and exercise.  Eating clean is easy and tastes great.  My kids even love the clean recipes I make.  Two examples of this:

1.  On the weekend I made Ingredients of a Fit Chick Pumpkin Pie Blondies.  These are AMAZING!!!  I made a double batch and was able to share some with my sister (who shared some delicious pumpkin muffins that she made last week!). 


2.  Tonight I made Eat Clean Mexican Lasagna for dinner.  This recipe is from the Comfort Foods Edition of Clean Eating Magazine.  It was quick and easy, was absolutely delicious, and made the house smell amazing. 

mexican lasagna And the best part, as always with Clean Eating recipes…lots of leftovers! 

mex lasagna leftoversI even gave one to my sister to enjoy.  She came over to pick up some pumpkin pie blondies that I was sharing with her from my double batch.  When she walked in the door, she was immediately asking what smelled so good.  She was pretty excited when I gave her one of the meals to take home for dinner tomorrow. 

Have you fallen for any “gimmicks”?

Do you eat clean?  What’s your favourite recipe?


7 responses to “September Writing Challenge #24: Fitness “Gimmicks”

  1. Sarah says:

    Awwww….Thank you sooo much Cathy for sharing my recipe! I am so thrilled that you and your kids enjoyed them so much! To me the best compliment is when the kids enjoy them! That’s how you know it’s a true success! I hope you have a great day!


  2. I purchased one really crappy diet book that had me drinking “sassy water” and eating a lot of random cold food – blah.


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