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September Writing Challenge #28: Home Workout Videos

on September 28, 2012

Hard to believe this is my third last post in the September Writing Challenge…this month has just flown by!  Today’s topic:  Have you ever done a home workout video?  if so, which ones are your favourite?

When I first started to think about this post, the only video I remember using for workouts was P90X, then I remembered years ago doing some Pilates DVD’s in the living room with my sister and my husband.  I really only remember doing it a few times.  The only thing I really remember about the video was sitting in some sort of V-Sit with our arms out past our legs and pumping them up and down while doing some crazy breathing technique.   

pilates v-sit

The move was supposed to look something like this, although I’m pretty sure none of us were even close!  We did not last long with this video, and maybe only did it a couple of times.

A few years ago I did P90X for a summer. 


I would get up at about 5am and do the workouts before my family got up.  It was tough and I was exhausted all of the time.  Along with P90X I was playing soccer, ice hockey, ball hockey and golfing.  The workouts did seem to be making me stronger and I think my shape changed a bit, but I didn’t lose a pound!  I’m pretty sure it was because my diet was crap and I wasn’t putting the proper nutrition into my body.  The program suggested taking all sorts of supplements and I didn’t use anything like that, so I’m not really surprised. 

I’ve still got all the videos on my computer.  Maybe after I run my half marathon I will see about doing the workouts again.  Some of them were fun…others were torture! 

Do you do any home workout videos?  What are your favourites?


3 responses to “September Writing Challenge #28: Home Workout Videos

  1. I love Tracy Anderson videos as well as Jillian Michael’s!! I do them weekly. 30 day workout as well as Yoga for Jillian! 🙂 ps- great blog from a new follower!


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