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The Friday Five

on October 12, 2012

Hello weekend.  I love you! 


1.  I am super exited for this weekend!  I am going away with my sister and 8 other friends to Selwyn Shores, a B&B near Peterborough to scrapbook for the whole weekend.  I am incredibly behind in my scrapping, so getting a whole weekend to focus on it is awesome.  Plus, the owner of the B&B used to own a catering company and prepares the most amazing meals for us all weekend.  We are leaving shortly after noon and I can’t wait!

i love scrapbooking

2.  I ran my last long run of my half marathon training program this morning….and it was AWESOME!  Since I will be away this weekend I figured I would get my run out of the way so I didn’t need to pack my run gear or take time away from my scrapping to go run.  I really didn’t feel like running when I woke up this morning, and it was raining a bit when I headed out…but I had a fantastic run.  Coach Kathy (aka Jack Rabbit – who ran a 3:53 full marathon last weekend by the way…see why I call her Jack Rabbit…she’s FAST!!) says that this last long run should be at race pace.  To reach my 2:30 half goal, I need to have a 7:06 average pace per km – which includes the walk breaks, so I actually need to run faster than that.  Well, today’s 8k looked like this:

last 8k long run

Check out that average pace…6:36!  That is practically a tempo run for me, and I managed to hit that with my walk breaks included.  I felt fantastic out there today.  It was tough, and I was pushing myself, but I could do it.  I am super pumped for next Sunday.  I can’t wait to race!

3.  After my run, I had a little dance party of 1.  I was walking in the door and the song that was playing on my iPod just got me moving.  I was dancing around my front hallway, singing at the top of my lungs, with the biggest smile on my face.  The song was Rock the Boat, by Forrest.  I just couldn’t stop moving!  Take a listen and see for yourself. Does this song not just make you want to get up and dance? 

I’m chair dancing as I insert this video into my post! 🙂

I’ve even got an extended mix on my iPod, so I had a solid 8 minutes of grooving before I could stop and take off my running shoes!  LOL 

4.  It’s looking like I might have my own personal Pace Bunny (or should I say Jack Rabbit) for the race next weekend.  Kathy thinks she might come to Niagara to help pace me on the race.  This is super exciting!  Although I’m pretty sure I could keep myself going and hit 2:30 on my own, having someone to keep me moving and on pace to hit my goal would be nice!  She’s even thinking I can do it in 2:20 – that would be insane!  She is my running hero.  Doesn’t she make it look so easy?


5.  No more Corona…until after the race!  Normally when I go on my scrap weekends, I take along a few Corona. Since I am 9 days out from my race, I am going to leave the Corona at home and just drink water all weekend. I might allow myself a Diet Pepsi a day as a treat – yes, I know it’s crap, but I like it!  I will enjoy a nice cold Corona (maybe even 2!) after the race.

no alcohol

What’s your weekend plan?
Happy Friday!


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