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Happy Halloween!

on October 31, 2012

Happy Hump Day, everyone…we are easing ever closer to the weekend!

Today is Halloween, which is fun…but killer for those of us trying to watch what we eat.  Those damn mini chocolate bars are the devil.  Normally I hand out candy and munch away on those chocolate treats all night.  This year, I’m not sure what’s up, but I have only had 2 treats.  I had a pack of mini M&M peanuts on my way to my sister’s house to hand out candy so she could take her little ones out for trick-or-treating, and I had a mini Kit Kat after I had my post workout shower.  I am following the #EarnedMyTreat Halloween Burpee Challenge, so before I go to bed, I need to do 20 burpees.  I love chocolate, but I hate burpees…maybe that’s why I only had 2 treats tonight instead of my usual 10+ in previous years??  Who knows, but I’m okay with that.

fu burpees 
Tonight I did my Mamavation workout of the day.  Today Bob Harper led us through a 5 minute workout.  Yah, 5 minutes my ass!  It was actually 5 minutes per exercise and 3 exercises.  The first exercise was Kettle Bell Swings.  He wanted us to do a certain number of swings within a minute.  If you finish before the minute is up, you get the remainder of the minute to rest before the next minute starts.  I don’t own a kettle bell, but Bob said we could use a dumbbell in it’s place if we didn’t have one.  So, I picked up my select tec dumbbell and started swinging.  I’ve never done this type of exercise before.  It was hard work to get to the magic number each minute, but it was fun and it definitely got my heart rate up.  Next up was the same deal, five 1 minute sets of lunges.  I’m not crazy about lunges, since they make my knee tweak a bit.  I just took my time and made sure that my form was perfect and my knee didn’t feel to bad.  I could tell if my form got sloppy because my knee would let me know.  Better to do it right and pain free than to rush, get sloppy and hurt.  The final set was of high knee tuck jumps.  These bad boys are tough, but fun!  Once again, I had an awesome workout. I was sweating like mad again too.  I’m loving these Trainer Bob workouts!  Can’t wait to see what’s on tap tomorrow!  BTW….I’m still feeling my legs from Monday’s workout.  Can’t wait to see how all those lunges and jumps make my legs feel tomorrow!

sore muscles 
After my workout, and a quick shower, it was time to roast all of the seeds we got out of the 4 pumpkins we carved.  I love roasted pumpkin seeds…and they are a much healthier snack than those damn mini chocolate bards.  I got two big tubs of seeds.  I am definitely taking some to work to snack on tomorrow. 

pumpkin seeds 
Well, it’s late again, and I need to go to bed…but first i need to do 30 burpees…yep…enjoyed mini Herhsey with almonds bar while I was writing this blog.  Ugh…

What is your candy weakness?
How many burpees did you have to do today?

5 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. j! ayson says:

    I don’t have a big sweet tooth, when I’m craving chocolate though, I love me some dark chocolate.
    Halloween day, I didn’t have any mini-chocolates so didn’t have to do any burpees! yay! but I did have 2 twizzler treats… do those need burpees?


  2. Love roasted pumkin seeds 🙂 They are right up there with the candy!! I am very proud of myself…we didn’t have many trick-or-treaters so we had a ton of chocolate left! I took it all to work and put in a big bowl in the staff room. I did have two pieces, but that’s better than having a giant bowl of chocolate at home!!


    • cathyo says:

      we have so much left since numbers of trick or treaters were low, plus my youngest brought home a giant pillowcase full of treats. There are 2 giant bowls of treats on my counter…it’s torture, but i’m trying to be good.


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