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Hello November

on November 1, 2012

I can’t believe that it is already November. This year is just flying by!

The beginning of a new month seems like the perfect time to set some goals. So, here are my goals for November:

1. Eat a clean breakfast every day. I have been good about eating breakfast, but many days it is a bagel with cream cheese or peanut butter. It is always a whole wheat bagel, so it’s better than a white bagel, but I think I can do better. The last 2 days I had some overnight oats, which are much cleaner and keep me full all morning.  I’ve found some great clean breakfast recipes that I would love to try out.  Mornings are a bit crazy around our house, so this one may be a challenge to keep up, but I think it’s worth trying.

2. Only go out for lunch at work one day a week. This will also be a challenge, but hopefully I can make it work. I will need to do some planning, cook dinners that provide leftovers, and then fight the urge to go out with colleagues.  It’s hard to eat clean at many of the restaurants that we tend to go to for lunch near the office.  Plus, it really adds up when lunch is between $10-$20 every day!

3. Do some form of physical exercise 5 days a week. This week and next week, this goal will be easy to achieve since I have 5 workout days as part of the Mamavation Challenge that I am doing with Bob Harper. His program has 3 days with circuits, 2 with videos that we follow along with, and 2 days of rest. After the challenge I am going to see how I liked it and I’m considering signing up to and continuing to workout with Bob’s programs. So far I am really liking the program. Plus, he has lots of great clean and healthy recipes available online. I also like the fact that the workouts are fairly quick and I’m actually enjoying them. At the start of the 2 week challenge we had to record our weight and measurements for waist and thighs. At the end of the 2 weeks we take those same measurements and see if we change. Hopefully all of the numbers will move in the right direction.

So, there they are, my goals for November. Here’s hoping I can stay on track and achieve them all.  Wish me luck.

Today was a rest day in my Bob Harper training program, but it was my hockey night, so I still got some exercise in.  We won 6-1 and I got 2 goals!  It was a good skate and there were lots of laughs in the dressing room before and after the game.

Now it’s late, and I’m exhausted.  Time to hit the sack.

What are your goals for November?


4 responses to “Hello November

  1. Cassy says:

    Whoohoo! those are awesome goals!


  2. Congrats on your goals! I will have to check out the Bob Harper website.


  3. […] on November 1st, I set some goals for the month.  You can see them here, but basically I wanted to eat a clean breakfast everyday, only go out for lunch once a week at […]


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