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I’m Meatless for Elf4Health

on November 26, 2012

Today was Day 1 of the Elf for Health Challenge.  Our first challenge was to go meatless.  I don’t think I have ever purposefully gone a full day without meat.  I’ve had meals that didn’t have meat, but never on purpose for a full day.  Despite not really being to organized today, I managed to have 3 meatless – and quite tasty – meals.

Breakfast:  Home made Bagelwich:  toasted bagel, 2 eggs microwave scrambled, and a slice of low-fat sharp cheddar. 

Lunch:  I was not really sure what I was going to do for lunch.  I didn’t have any meatless leftovers so would either have to go out (which I didn’t want to do, since I only let myself go out for lunch once a week now…didn’t want to use it up on Monday), or find something meatless at the office.  I was just about to have a chicken noodle soup, when I noticed I had a couple of Indian meals in my office.  So, in the end, I had a delicious bowl of Matter Paneer, which is Indian curried peas and cheese. 

matter paneer

Dinner:  Last night when I was emailing my Elf4Health partner I wanted to include a meatless recipe for her.  I was flipping through my Clean Eating recipes looking for meatless recipes and came across a pasta dish that I had made earlier this year.  Once I saw it again, I knew this was going to be the recipe I shared, and that I was going to make it tonight for dinner.  The recipe was Mediterranean Veg & White Bean Pasta, and it was just as good as I remember it.  Maybe even better since hubs prepared it while I did my Bob Harper workout. 

med veg pics

And check that out…3 awesome leftover meals!  I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!!!

I got back on track with my workouts tonight.  When I got home from work, I REALLY didn’t much feel like doing a workout, but I changed into my workout gear and picked my workout.  I haven’t signed up with yet, so I just did one of the workouts that I had printed out from last week’s circuits.  It was a cardio workout, and once again, after a quick 20 minute workout, I was dripping.  Doing the workout just reinforced that I should sign up for at least another month of  These workouts are quick and they really work.  I’m noticing changes in my shape, I feel stronger, and I can always find 20-30 minutes to do these workouts.  Hopefully I will get a chance to sigh up tomorrow. 

Tomorrow’s Elf for Health challenge is to send a friend a handwritten note.  I do not remember the last time I wrote a letter or note.  I do always try to write a little message to each of our friends when we send out our Christmas Letter, but that’s probably the extent of my note writing these days.  I’ll have to put a little thought into who I’ll write to. 

All in all, today was a pretty good day.  Hopefully the rest of the week goes just as well.

How was your Monday?  Did you eat clean?  Did you go meatless?

Feel free to share any of your Meatless Monday favourites.


9 responses to “I’m Meatless for Elf4Health

  1. MikeW says:

    Copied that recipe; looks superb. Thank you!


  2. Suzanne Conner says:

    Hi.. I know not everyone loves tofu but I like these 2 recipes , I cut it into strips so it tastes like scrambled egg white. Hmm I forgot about these recipes I’m gonna make them next week!


    • cathyo says:

      mmm…sounds good! I don’t mind tofu….and the boys actually eat it too. it just soaks up whatever sauce it is in, so these should be awesome…thai and spicy peanut are among my favourites!


  3. Cassy says:

    Yummy! I love having meatless days. I used to do Meatless Mondays but have definitely been slacking on that front. I think I will start that up again for December!


  4. kepotts says:

    That pasta looks delish! I went meatless as well & ate some random things 😉 A sweet potato “pancake” was a top fav topped with marinara & spinach, tasty! And the rest of the day was “squeaky clean” aside from a much needed big ol’ glass of wine at night!


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