My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size


on December 2, 2012

So, today I was up early to take my little guy to hockey practice.  I was away last weekend when there was 7am hockey both days, so it was my turn to get up and take the little guy to his 8:15 am practice today.  I was okay with this, since I don’t seem to be able to sleep in anyways. 

After practice, I was meeting my sister at her gym (GoodLife) to go to an RPM class with her.  She is a certified Body Attack instructor and a couple of weeks ago, took an RPM spin class to just change it up a bit.  Well…she loved it.  She wants to get certified in RPM next, so she is going to a few classes, and today she convinced me to try it with her.
rpm logo

Well, holy cow!  RPM was OMG!  This was a killer workout.  My legs were burning, my heart rate was through the roof, and I left a puddle of sweat under my bike.  There were a couple of times when I thought I might lose my cookies.  I was so thirsty, but had to wait to take a drink of my water to be sure It wouldn’t come right back up!

I survived the class, but was so tired after it.  I came home and hopped into bed for a little lie down, sweaty clothes and all.

About an hour later, I woke up with the biggest headache and felt nauseous.  Unfortunately that feeling has lasted all day.  I was hoping it would go away, but even after another nap when we got home from my other son’s hockey game, I am still feeling less than 100%.  I doubt that it was the RPM class that made me feel so crappy, but I didn’t feel like this before the class.

I think tomorrow I might be feeling the RPM aftereffects in a different way….my butt is starting to hurt from the bike seat and I’m pretty sure my legs will be a bit achy…at least I sure hope they are!

Since I spent most of the day either watching hockey, or lying in bed trying not to throw up, I didn’t get any menu planning done or groceries bought.  This should make for an interesting food week. Hopefully tomorrow during my lunch hour I can plan out our menu and make a grocery list. I’ve got a massage tomorrow night at 7pm…hopefully I can hit the grocery store after that and get things organized for the upcoming week. 
meal plan monday

Have you tried RPM?  Did your first class leave you feeling like a bag of ass?

Got any good, clean recipes I can add to my menu for the week? 


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