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The Friday Five

on December 7, 2012


OH.MY.GOD.  I know I say this every single week, but I am SO happy it is the weekend.

Here’s this week’s Friday Five:

1.  My workouts for the week have been pretty non-existent. I was sick pretty much from Sunday to Wednesday and didn’t eat much of anything and felt too nauseous to do much of anything.  Last night I finally felt normal again, so played hockey.   Good thing I went, since we only had 7 skaters.  By the third period we were all pretty much out of steam.  We lost, and it sucked.  But, it felt good to be out there and work up a sweat. 

fat crying
2.  My diet for the week has not been ideal.  Monday I didn’t eat anything.  Tuesday I ate a few things, and it was not a good move.  Wednesday I started to feel a bit better and had a bagel and an awesome Clean Eating Buffalo Chicken Salad.  Thursday was partly clean with Buffalo Chicken Taco Salad for lunch and then I went out with my little guy before his school’s Holiday concert for Thai. It was delicious, but I’m not sure how clean it was.  Today was NOT good at all. Lunch was Peking Duck with co-workers and then pizza and beer for dinner.  Tasty, but not clean.  Overall, not a great week.  I need to do better next week. 

bad diet

 3.  I am enjoying the “Elf for Health” Challenge.  This is a support system to help keep to a healthy lifestyle over the holidays.  We have all been paired up with a buddy “Elf” to help keep us on track and provide some personalized motivation.  Every 2 weeks we get a new elf.  My first Elf, Brooke, is living in Israel right now, and we have been exchanging a emails and tweets for the past 2 weeks.  It’s been fun and despite being sick this week, I’ve managed to get more of the elf tasks completed.  On Sunday we get assigned new elves for the second round of the challenge. 

elf for health 
4.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Elf for Health Challenge.  Tomorrow, our elf task is to plan out our week’s meals and workouts.  In the past (with the exception of the last 2 weeks) I have been pretty good about meal planning.  I’m looking forward to digging into my Clean Eating magazines and cookbooks and finding some great recipes and meals for the next week. I’m also looking forward to planning out my workouts for the week.  Since my Mamavation Bob Harper Challenge ended I have not been that good at getting my workouts in, plus being sick this last week didn’t help either.  Hopefully if I write out a workout plan for the week I will be motivated to actually do it.  I need to be sure to schedule at least one run in there, since the Resolution Run will be here before I know it!
schedule your workouts 
5.  I am debating whether I should join a gym.  Since my sister is a group fitness instructor at GoodLife, she is able to get a “friends and family” deal for me.  I’m not sure of the exact price, but I think it’s less than $300 for the year.  That is a great price, since the last time I looked into it, it was closer to $900 a year.  I’m just not sure how much I would use it…although if I build it into my schedule I can plan and prepare.   I think she is able to get the deal in January, so I have a bit of time to think about it and see if I think I can fit it in. 

And that’s 5!  Now, on with the weekend!

Are you a member of a gym?  Do you just go to use the cardio and weights, or do you do the classes too?  How do you fit it all in?

Happy Weekend!


4 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. j! ayson says:

    That’s great that you made it to hockey. Must have felt good to be active again after being sick.
    Unfortunately my assigned elf for the elf 4 health challenge disappeared on me 😦 hopefully Sunday I get an elf I can keep in contact with
    That’s an awesome deal for a gym membership. I just had one at the company gym $10/month. Can’t go wrong. I think you should sign up, it’s great since you’ll have access to the group classes and ask the gym equipment.


    • cathyo says:

      That’s to bad about your elf. Hopefully you will get a good one for round two.

      You just reminded me… There’s a small gym in my office building that I can use for free. I should go down and check it out. Before I was pretty crappy but I think they re-did it a while ago. Maybe that might be a good option…lunchtime workouts would mean I don’t have to out at night. Once I get home at the end of the day the thought of going back out doesn’t really do that much for me.


  2. Glad you are feeling better 🙂 Feeling nauseous is the WORST! Meal planning is so great. I used to do it routinely, but haven’t for quite some time 😦 I have been telling myself to get back into it. It’s so weird that you are talking about joining a gym! There is a Goodlife right down the street from our new house an I’ve been tossing around the idea if joining. I would love to have access to classes! I love that kinda stuff. I hear that if you volunteer a certain amount of hours in their daycare you get a free membership 🙂 Child care is my expertise! So if it could get me a free membership I’d be all for it…


    • cathyo says:

      I never really did meal planning until this past year since March or so. I love it. It helps make the week so much less hectic, plus I’m a lot lore likely to eat Clean and healthy if I’ve got the ingredients for my meals on-hand. Plan the menu, make the grocery list, hit the store, and then com and eat well for the week. Plus usually there are Lora of leftovers which makes lunchtime healthy and cheaper too!

      You should definitely look into the child care volunteer for a membership deal at GoodLife. That would be awesome. You just have to decide if you want to deal with more kids on your time off after doing it for your day job too!


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