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A Tasty Tuesday

on December 11, 2012

Today was a pretty good day.  I ate clean (for the most part), got lots done at work, and completed my Elf for Health challenge.

Breakfast and lunch were leftover frittata from last night.  It was still very tasty, and I kicked it up a notch with some spicy Salsa Casera and Salsa Verde.  Totally yummy!  Leftovers totally ROCK!

After work, I came home to start prepping tonight’s dinner.  Today was a new recipe:  Clean Eating Buffalo Chicken with Buttermilk-Feta Sauce and Spicy Escarole.  The chicken breast needed to marinade for a half hour or so, and the Buttermilk-Feta sauce needed to sit for a bit too, and that  gave me just enough time to get my workout of the day in.  Today was a quick “Cardio Challenge”.  After 20 minutes or so of jumping around my bedroom like a crazy person, dripping with sweat…I was done.  These workouts are the BOMB!!!

sweat motivates

Hubs got home from work as I was in the middle of my workout, so he kept things moving on the dinner front.  He got the chicken into the oven and he sautéed up the Escarole.  The end result…OH.,,MY…GOD!  This dish was freaking DELICIOUS!!!

buffalo chicken escarole

It was so flavourful.  The chicken was moist, the buttermilk-feta sauce was perfect, and the escarole was super spicy!  Hubs and my l3 year old liked it too.  My son actually had 3 servings!  He wasn’t crazy about the escarole (he found it too spicy), but the chicken and buttermilk-feta sauce hit the spot for him. Despite the number of pieces of chicken he ate, there was still enough left for my lunch tomorrow, plus a number of pieces of chicken that we can probably turn into some yummy buffalo chicken wraps in the very near future!

After dinner, I got right to completing today’s Elf for Health challenge.  Our task for the day was to clean out our fridge and pantry.  I actually did my fridge on Sunday night when I put all my groceries away, but my cupboards were in desperate need of a good clean out. 

Our task was to get rid of all the unhealthy food and anything that was expired.  This was perfect timing for this task, since my cupboards were so full, I could hardly fit any new groceries in.  For the most part, the cupboards were full of healthy food, with the exception of a shelf of kid’s cereal and lunch treats.  There was, however, a LOT of expired things in there.  In the end, I got a big garbage bag full of bad food, which freed up a LOT of space.  Everything now fits without risk of falling out any time I open the door! 


The shelf of kid’s cereal and the not-so-healthy lunch treats are still in there.  This is okay, since I don’t eat any of that crap anyways. 

I do, however, have a weakness for Bugles….which I ate a bowl of while writing this post.  I don’t keep stuff like that in the house, but hubs put them in the grocery cart on Sunday.  Anyways, now they are gone and I won’t let him buy them again anytime soon.  Or, I could get some self-control and just not eat them. 

No junk food

And now I need to wrap up this post and make some crock pot oats for my breakfast tomorrow.  One of my fellow elves, Alyson posted a recipe the other day that I want to try out.  It looks pretty good and simple, so I figured I would give it a try.  I will let you know how it turns out in tomorrow’s post. 

How was your Tuesday?
Did you eat anything super tasty?

2 responses to “A Tasty Tuesday

  1. I am so glad you are going to try crockpot oats! You will be making it every week it is so good! Good Luck!


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