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Favourite Things

on December 20, 2012

This has been a crazy week. Only one more day to get through and I will be on Christmas vacation!

I’m am not doing very well on my Elf for Health challenges this week:
Monday: do a circuit workout – YES! All of the workouts I do these days are circuits. That is what Trainer Bob is all about. Short, intense workouts…and I love them!

Tuesday: treat yourself to something you have been craving – YES! During my lunch break I had to go do a bit of shopping for Christmas gifts, so treated myself to lunch out at Il Fornello with a colleague. It was $10 pizza Tuesday, and I indulged in my favourite Diavolo pizza. It had been a while since I had one, and it was delicious!

Wednesday: bake cookies- NOPE! Last night was my hockey teams Christmas party, so there was no time to bake. We had a favourite things party, where each of us bought some of out favourite things and we all exchanged. This was so much fun. Here are all the favourite things that I received las night:


Thursday: make a casserole for dinner tonight – NOPE! I got home quite late from work and just didn’t have the energy to cook. Besides, we had lots of leftovers to eat up, so the extent of my cooking was taking food out of the Gladware, putting in a bowl, and setting the microwave! Dinner was quick…and delicious! Coconut curried chickpeas with Sriracha sauce…


I am hoping I can get back on the Elf track tomorrow. Friday is Pay it Forward day. Hopefully I will get a chance to do something nice for someone else.

I did get a chance to do something nice for my sister today. She just got an iPhone a few weeks ago and hadn’t yet got a case for it. So the timing was perfect when last week I bought a Team Buy for custom iPhone cases. We are both huge Bon Jovi fans, and I just so happened to have a VERY nice picture of JBJ….and here’s what we both now have as cases for our phones:

He is definitely one of my favourite things! It’s probably not the best case in terms of protecting our phones, but it’s fun, and not too hard to look at! We can enjoy looking at this case until we get to see the real thing live and in concert on February 17th! Less than 2 months to go!!!

What are some of your favourite things?
What would you put on a customizable iPhone case?


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