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The Friday Five

on December 21, 2012

I did it!  I survived this last crazy week of work…and now it’s time for the Friday Five!


1.  I am officially on holidays!  My office closed today for the Christmas holidays, and I don’t go back to work until January 2, 2013!  This year has been incredibly busy for me.  I actually have 3 weeks of vacation left from this year that I didn’t get to take because I had too much going on to be out of the office.  So, being off for the next 11days is going to be heaven! Hopefully I can manage to Eat Clean and get a few workouts in between all the holiday craziness.

2.  I just realized I have a massage in 15 minutes!  The other 3 things are going to have to wait!

3.  Nearly 4 hours have past since I wrote point #2 above!  My massage was awesome!  I can’t believe I almost forgot about it.  I had been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks now, since it would be the perfect kick off to my Christmas holidays.  I had a bit of a crazy day at work.  A good part of my day was taken up with a very important meeting, and when I got home I was just so happy to be done with work, I completely forgot about my massage.  Thankfully I had put it in my calendar and that 15 minute reminder was like an early Christmas present.  I feel relaxed and ready to enjoy the next 11 days.

After my massage, my family picked me up from my massage therapist’s office and we went out for a nice Thai dinner.  Delicious!

4.  We are finally going to decorate our Christmas tree.  I’m not quite sure why this hasn’t happened before now, but our tree still sits empty in our living room. 
naked tree
That is all going to change in the next hour or so.  The decorations have been brought up from the basement, the Christmas music is playing from Songza, and we are ready.  I will post an update later with the final product.

5.  Tomorrow I need to go for a run.  The Resolution Run is getting closer, and I have still only run once since my half marathon back in October.  I dragged hubs out with me for 3k a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t gone again.  I need to get out there a few more times between now and New Year’s Eve or I won’t be able to make it 5k!  So…I’m putting it out there…tomorrow I will run 4k.  Feel free to nag me if you don’t hear that I have run yet.  It may be a treadmill run, since we are having a bit of a snow storm right now and I think it is supposed to continue for a bit of tomorrow as well.  Good thing I have a treadmill right downstairs in my basement.  NO EXCUSES!
hardest step

Happy Friday, everyone.
Got any big plans for the weekend?
Don’t forget…nag me about my run tomorrow…I need all the “encouragement” I can get!


5 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. Happy holidays!! Enjoy your time off 🙂 I waited too long and the Resolution Run was sold out in our city 😦 Darn!! Ah well….I’ll just make sure I run on that day! Take care…


    • cathyo says:

      That’s too bad you missed the registration. You can still go run on the day, you just won’t get a jacket 😦 I won’t lie…getting the jacket is the biggest reason I sign up! LOL


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