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Time To Make A Plan

on January 2, 2013

I am on day 2 of #31Days to a my healthiest me ever.  This is a 31 day challenge being run by Janice at Fitness Cheerleader.  Yesterday’s task was to set 4 goals.  You can see my full post here, but basically I want to workout/exercise 5 days a week, only eat clean snacks, no diet pop (or regular pop for that matter!), and lose 5 pounds. 

Today’s task is to plan out how I am going to reach those goals. 

get to work
I’m going to do a very rough job of this tonight, and get more detailed on the weekend when I plan my meals for next week. 

So, my rough plan for the rest of this week is:

Thursday:  oatmeal with flaxseeds and honey for breakfast, Southwestern Turkey Soup for lunch, dinner ???, exercise will be a hockey game

Friday:  oatmeal for breakfast, Southwestern Turkey Soup for lunch, dinner ???, exercise will be a kettlebell workout (can’t wait…I’m loving my kettlebells!).

Saturday:  no idea of food!  Workout will be workout of the day.

On the weekend I will dig into my Clean Eating magazines and cookbooks and plan out my meals for next week.  Key to this plan will be my snacks.  One of my goals is to only eat clean snacks.  I usually do okay with my main meals, but snacks are more of a challenge, and I will need to plan them out and make sure I’ve got the right groceries.  For the rest of this week, it will be almonds and dried cranberries, since that’s pretty much all that I’ve got on hand. 

On the weekend I will also plan out all of my January workouts.  I’ve got hockey Thursday nights so that takes care of 1 of my 5 weekly workouts!  The other 4 will be a combination of workouts and some workouts.  I still need to figure out how much running I am going to do and how to work it into my schedule.

Tonight was our last family visit of the Christmas season.  Since both hubby and I went back to work today, the plan was to just have pizza when the kid’s cousins stopped in.  We had a nice visit and after they left, we went out for a nice walk around the neighbourhood.  It was a great night for a walk, a little chilly, but we dressed for it.

after dinne walk In the end, I dragged him just over 3k.  We covered every street in the neighbourhood!
after dinner walk route

Maybe we can make an evening walk a regular part of my workout schedule???

Have you set goals for January or further out into the year?
Do you have a plan to help you reach them?


4 responses to “Time To Make A Plan

  1. I really like walking in the winter 🙂 sounds like a great evening…


  2. Not really a goal, but I intend to completely extinguish those little negative thoughts that creep in for 2013. Glad you’re able to get out for a walk – far too icy here 😦


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