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Totally Random Tuesday

on January 8, 2013

Ola peeps!  How has Tuesday been treating you so far?  I had a pretty good day.  Here are a few things that have been going on in my world today.

1.  I recently discovered a great fitness and workout site online that has a kinds of awesome workout videos. is amazing!  Today on their facebook page, they posted a 15 minute kettlebell workout.  After work, when I got home I went straight upstairs, changed into my workout gear, did a quick 5 minute warm up…and hit play on this video (if anyone knows how to get a YouTube video to insert into a post written in Windows Live Writer, please let me know…it never works for me and I have to resort to putting in a hyperlink???)
This was a nice quick workout, and a short 16 minutes later, I had this result:

kettlebell quickieI’d say this was a better way to use 16 minutes than just sitting my ass on the couch! (BTW….I LOVE my heart rate monitor!)

2. After the quickie workout, I had about half an hour until I needed to go see my massage therapist for my regular every 3 week massage.  I love massages.  They are awesome, and I really needed it today as I was feeling my workout from yesterday.   My shoulders, triceps, glutes and hammies were all feeling it today.  And I love that!  Because you know what they say…
no pain no gain

3.  I am on day 7 with no diet soda.  One of my goals for January was to stop drinking diet pop.  I have been drinking water like mad and only really had one day (yesterday) when I was very tempted to have a pop at work.  Instead, I had another glass of water and an apple.  The apple hit the spot and my pop craving went away.  I know that diet soda is not good for me.  A little search on “the Google” and found this…which just reinforces my decision to stop drinking diet pop.

5 dangers of diet soda
Hope your Tuesday was a good one. 

Do you know how to insert YouTube videos in Windows Live Writer?
Do you have a favourite source of online workouts?
How are you doing with your January goals?


8 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. sirak98 says:

    Good Luck with the Diet Soda. I quit for Lent last year. I have had an occasional root beer or cream soda. Instead I have begun drinking different types of teas. My trick is a hot water with lemon. I did the usual walk in the park this morning. I looked at my phone on the last lap to check the time and when I finished I no longer had my reading glasses. I did another lap just to look for them. Food management is good, but found myself wanting to snack around 4 – so I did the hot water/lemon trick. We have rain for the next couple of days, plus then a drop in temperatures. I might have to check out the fitness blender site.


    • cathyo says:

      I hope you found your glasses! I will have to try that water/lemon trick. I’m not having too much difficulty just drinking plain water, but a little flavour/variety might be nice. I’ve also ready to put cucumber of berries in a pitcher of water. Might have to try that too.

      I also love tea. I started drinking David’s Tea, which is a place that has literally hundreds of loose leaf teas. I have been off of them for a while…I should get back to them, since they are all so good. I have about 5 different flavours on my shelf in my office right now. Thanks for the reminder!


  2. Happy Runner says:

    I have more or less stopped drinking diet sodas over a year ago. I do occasionally have a glass of diet coke, but very rarely. I drink lots of water at home and away. I have a Brita filter which makes water at home easy to drink. And I drink lots of tea. I buy dried peppermint and boil it for tea with hot water. Much cheaper than buying peppermint tea and you can drink it hot and cold, so I make a large pot every morning and another later in the day. Good luck!


    • cathyo says:

      i had cut out diet pop a couple of summers ago when I did a food based cleanse. It was tough, but I managed to not drink one for a very long time….and then suddenly I started up again. I will try to go all of January without any and then maybe allow myself one a week as a treat.

      Yes, I need to get back to my teas. I am going to have one for sure today…not the tough part will be picking what flavour!


  3. jsresults says:

    I like to get alot of my workouts from 🙂


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