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Fighting the Cravings

on January 10, 2013

We are 10 days into January and that means I am 10 days without a diet pop and no unhealthy/non-clean snacks.  For the most part, it has been going well.  I had a bit of a craving for a pop yesterday, but just had another glass of water.  Today, at around 3, the same craving came up and I once again had another glass of water. 

Drinking all this water today was good for fighting my cravings, but it was also today’s challenge in Fitness Cheerleader’s #31Days Challenge.  For the month of January, we are being challenged to make one healthy change each day.  Today was to drink more water.  I love this image that Janice had in her post today.   

#31 days 10

While there are many benefits of drinking water, has a nice list of five that I think are enough to encourage everyone to drink up:

  1. Drinking water keeps you young…and who doesn’t want that?  Drinking water keeps your skin moisturized and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  2. Drinking water helps you lose weight…again, nothing wrong with that!  Drinking lots of water helps to suppress your appetite.
  3. Drinking water helps you build muscle…and strong is the new sexy!  Drinking lots of water lets your muscles work harder for longer before they get tired.
  4. Drinking water makes you smarter…who wouldn’t like to get one more answer on Jeopardy! Drinking water ensures that your brain gets enough oxygen and can function at peak performance.
  5. Drinking water is good for your joints…this hits home as my knees crack and creek every time I walk up the stairs!  Water helps keep your joints healthy, strong and lubricated.

Be sure to click on the link above to read the exact details about the benefits of water.

Tonight, as I write this I am craving something, but not too sure what it is.  I had an early hockey game (7:30), so didn’t really have dinner before I had to drive up to big, bad, Bradford.  We played the top team in the league, who is only 1 point ahead of us in the standings.  It was a great game, and in the end we tied 3-3.  Now, I’m home and hungry.  Instead of giving in and having a rice krispy square or chocolate (of which there is no shortage with all the Christmas candy still in my cupboards), I am having celery. 

It is not at all exciting, but is keeping me from blowing it and eating something I will regret later.  I’m actually kind of surprised that I am sticking to my plan and not eating crap.  Normally I would totally cave.  Looks like somewhere along the way, in these last 10 days, I’ve found some willpower! 


Hmmm…maybe I’m ready to change!

Are you drinking enough water?
How do you fight your cravings?


3 responses to “Fighting the Cravings

  1. alishagibb says:

    I’ve learned that having FUN things to eat that closely resemble the “bad” stuff we all love, bit are in fact healthful and clean keeps my cravings at bay (like the Mexi Pizzas I posted today). I also don’t deprive myself of a tiny morsel of chocolate here and there. Deprivation = caving. Don’t deny yourself, just control it. 🙂 The control of only having a small piece instead of the whole bag of chocolate is the definition of will power.


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