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I’m Sore!

on January 14, 2013

I woke up today and immediately had an internal debate about what tonight’s workout should be.  I knew I had a meeting after work, so would be getting home a little later than usual, and I was trying to think of something quick and intense that would get me sweating a burning those calories but not take up too much time.  I was thinking about a Bob Harper circuit…And then I got out of bed!  Oh…my…god.  My legs were killing me! 

I knew they were hurting during my workout on Sunday (which was only yesterday…it feels like so long ago!) when I did the Bob Harper Tabata with jump lunges and air squats, but I didn’t think they would be so sore today.  It hurt for my purse to touch my quads when I walked. 

Taking all of this into consideration…I decided to make today a rest day.  I read somewhere that proper rest is important in weight training.  Of course, I have searched all of my usual twitter sources, fitness blogs, and websites that I regularly visit, and now can’t find the one great article that really hit home with rest and recovery.  Regardless, I think my muscles need rest…and I’m really not sure I could have done a proper workout feeling like this.

pain is weakness leaving
This doesn’t mean I didn’t get any exercise, I just didn’t do a weight workout.  After dinner we needed to go up to Shopper’s Drug Mart to pick up our new passports from their mail depot.  Normally we would have driven, but tonight I convinced hubs we should walk. 

We laced up our shoes, bundled up, and a short 36 minutes and 3.46km later, we were back home, new passports in hand.  Now I could sit on the couch, watch some TV and not feel too guilty about it, since I did burn a few calories on our walk.
jan 13 walk When we got home, I was able to spend some quality time with my couch and TV, without feeling too guilty about it!

Tonight was a great TV night.  How I Met Your Mother, House of Lies, and Californication – 3 of our favourites.  I thought Californication was going to be on last night…but apparently here in Canada we get it the day after it runs in the US…so I had to wait until tonight to get my Hank Moody fix.  That show is insane and it makes me shake my head about how messed up all the people on that show are.  Quality entertainment for sure! 

Now, as has become my typical posting style…it is late, I’m exhausted, and I need to go to bed!  When am I going to learn and get myself to bed at a more reasonable hour? Ugh…

How do you make sure you give you muscles the proper rest and recovery?
Do you have any advice on how to get the most out of a recovery day?

Are you a Californication fan?  What’s your favourite TV show?


2 responses to “I’m Sore!

  1. Great job on fitting two walks in! I definitely would not have gone for the evening walk, but mind you my children are still very young and perhaps it’ll be different when I can leave them alone in the house?

    PS – I used to work right near where you work – I was a lifeguard at Spanish Villas off of Don Mills and I also lifeguarded at a condo at Don Mills & Finch. 🙂


    • cathyo says:

      i’m loving our evening walks. it’s a bit of a chance to wind down from the day and have a nice chat with hubs without the chaos of the house/kids. It definitely helps that my boys are old enough to be left alone.

      It’s a small world, eh!


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