My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size


on January 30, 2013

9 minutes and 23 seconds.

It was 9 minutes and 23 seconds of hell.

It was 9 minutes and 23 seconds of awesome!

Tonight was my CrossFit intro class….and I loved it!

After a quick chat with Michelle, my coach for the session, about what I would be doing tonight, and signing the waiver (letting them off the hook if I dropped dead during the workout!), it was into the “box” to get to it.

We started with a 500m row to get warmed up.  Then we went through each of the exercises we would be doing in the workout.  We did air squats, sit ups, push-ups, and pull-ups.  We did a few of each move to make sure I had correct form and make any adjustments needed to ensure I would be able to do the move without doing any damage to my old bones!

So, the workout that I was to be doing, for time, was:

    • 500m row
    • 40 air squats – squatting down so my butt just touched a medicine ball
    • 30 sit-ups – with hands touching floor behind my head and then touching my toes
    • 20 push-ups – boy style with a hand raise (touching my chest all the way down to the ground, lifting my hands briefly off the floor to give them a rest, then pushing back up off the ground)
    • 10 pull-ups – I needed the assistance of a band to be able to do these

It was 3-2-1…GO!  The row was good, and I completed it in 2:19 – which was right where Michelle wanted me to be.  Steady, without over exerting myself, since there would be a lot of workout left. 

After the row it was right into squats.  I’ve been doing air squats in my Bob Harper workouts, but I’m pretty sure I don’t usually get down as low as I went tonight.  I learned that when I squat, my knees fall to the inside a bit, so Michelle had me think about trying to push the mat apart with my feet.  This made sure my knees couldn’t “cave” and actually made the squats a bit easier. 

Next came 30 sit-ups and I have to say I rocked them.  For me, this was definitely the easiest part of the workout.

The push-ups were a challenge since I can’t really do a push-up from my toes…well maybe 3 or 4.  So we modified these to the push-up with a hand raise. This gave my arms/shoulders a chance to rest during each push-up.  They were tough, but I made it through.

Last came the pull-ups.  This was the part I was most dreading since I can’t do a pull-up!  But, with the assistance of the band, I managed to squeak out 10.  The first 6 were okay, not easy, but okay.  The last 4 we planned to do 2 sets of 2…but I couldn’t put 2 of them together…so I did 4 sets of 1, with a short rest in between.  I did 2 other ones that didn’t count since I couldn’t get my chin over the bar Sad smile.

In the end, it took 9 minutes and 23 seconds for me to complete the workout.  I’m pretty pleased with that time.  Before we started Michelle said my goal was to finish in under 10 minutes.  I did it…and I can’t wait to do it again!

I signed up for a 1 month membership, that allows me 3 visits a week, to see how it goes.  I will need to be organized and be sure I schedule my time well.  The way CrossFit works is you sign up in advance for the classes.  You can sign up for classes up to a week in advance.  This will be good for me and I will be able to build my meals around this new schedule.

Each day on the CrossFit Central Newmarket website they post the workout of the day – “WOD” – as well as what the WOD will be for the next day.  I have already signed up for Friday’s Fundamentals class at 5:30.  I will be checking the website tomorrow to see what my Friday workout will be!

I’m super pumped to go back on Friday and see how it goes.  If I can fit it in between hockey games, I’d like to go to Saturday’s 11:30 class as well. 

When I got home from CrossFit I ate dinner.  I didn’t want to eat before I went for my session – no sense puking on the first night!  So, I ate when I got home.  Hubs had made taco salad since the kids had been asking for it all week.  He put mine in the fridge for me and it was awesome! So tasty:
taco salad

After getting the kids to bed, I started to write this post, and still wanted a little something to eat.  I remembered that I had found a recipe for some Dark Chocolate Chip & Walnut No-Bake Coconut Cookies.  I bought all the needed ingredients on the weekend and just needed the right time to make them….and this was the right time!  I followed the recipe, but added in a couple of handfuls of raw shelled pumpkin seeds just because I had some in the cupboard and my package of coconut wasn’t quite 2 cups, so the “dough” was a bit runny.  I put them into the freezer to set and then forgot about them….until hubs came home from his meeting and said he wanted a snack.  To the freezer I went….
chocolate treats

They were awesome and hit the spot.  I had 1, hubs had 2, and I’ve got 22 other ones in the freezer for when the chocolate craving hits. 

How was your Wednesday?
Did you do anything that scared the crap out of you?
Did you love it as much as I did?


4 responses to “9:23

  1. j! ayson says:

    Your class sounds much more intense. We did the WOD last night but we had 30-45 second rests between stations. No push ups or pull ups.. that actually sounds like a fun challenge! I need to figure out how to incorporate Crossfit into my running and weightlifting and I’ll take it from there. But I loved that “oh my gosh I’m so out of breath” feeling..


    • cathyo says:

      i really like the session. there was real crossfit class going on at the same time as my intro session and it looked awesome. i’m excited to give this a go for February and see how I do – both fitness wise and time wise. luckily they have late classes (8:30pm) so I can get home from work, do dinner, homework/kid stuff, and then head out. I’ll only be missing sitting on the couch watching tv… at least that’s what I’m telling myself. fingers crossed!


  2. […] very first thing I ever did at CrossFit.  You can read about that very first CrossFit workout here.  I was excited to do this WOD again so I could see how much I have improved since I started […]


  3. […] and do the CrossFit baseline workout.  (To read about my first visit and my Baseline test, click here). Once hubs does his Baseline, he will get 2 weeks free to try out classes and see what he thinks. […]


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