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My journey to a smaller jean size

A Feel Good Story

We can all learn a little something from this story. Amazing.



Sorry I have been MIA for the weekend. I had some family things to take care of that pushed blogging right out of my mind.

I still don’t really feeling like writing, but figured I should at least do a quick post. So here we go…

Today I was back at the box and the WOD was Fran. This was my first “benchmark” workout, and in true CrossFit fashion, I was nervous and terrified as I walked into class.

In case you are like me and have no idea what all these workouts are, Fran is a workout of only thrusters and pull-ups done for three sets with reps of 21-15-9. Looking at it on the screen it seems so harmless…but trust me, it is pure hell!

This was my first time doing thrusters, so once again I was told to focus more on form than weight. I felt like a complete weakling though, using only the training bar (without any weight) and a thick blue band for my pull-ups.

It took me 7 minutes and 1 second to complete the workout. For my first time, the time isn’t too bad. I’m just disappointed I can’t lift more yet or do pull-ups without the band. Oh well…I will continue to work hard and hopefully the next time we do Fran I will be lifting more and using a thinner band for my pull-ups. Fingers crossed!

Have you done Fran?
What’s your time?


The Friday Five

Happy Friday, Peeps!

Time for this week’s Friday Five.

1. I am starting my weekend early! Last year I had at least 2 weeks of holidays I wasn’t able to take because I was too busy at work. So this year I decided I would take a few “Me” days here and there throughout the year to make sure this didn’t happen again. Today is one of those days! My son is playing in a hockey tournament with his school’s team, so I took the day off to go watch him play. We didn’t have to be at the rink until 9am, so I even get a bit of a “sleep in” before I needed to get up and get going for the day. BONUS!


2. It’s a “Me” weekend, too! I am spending the weekend with my sister and 8 other friends at a Bed & Breakfast near Peterborough for a Scrapbook Retreat.

I am so far behind in my scrapping, it isn’t even funny – I am scrapping a cruise that hubby and I took back in January 2010. I am hoping to get lots done this weekend and hopefully keep things going when I get back and work scrap time into my hectic schedule somewhere! Aside from some much needed, uninterrupted scrap time, this weekend will also be relaxing, with lots of laughs and some really great food. The owner of the B&B used to have a catering business in the city and makes the best food EVER! It is not clean, by any means, but it sure tastes good!

3. I still haven’t run a single step in my half marathon training! I seem to have lost my running mojo. It is completely gone. I just can’t bring myself to put on my shoes and go for a run. I have zero desire. This is NOT good since I also only have 10 weeks until Race Day. I’m not sure why I can’t bring myself to run. My last half training went really well and I PR’d the run, so you would think I would want to keep going? But NOPE. No desire to run, at all. Anyone know how I can get my run mojo back?


4. Success on the scale! I know I shouldn’t really care about the number on the scale, as long as my jeans fit the way I want them to. I know that, but when the number on the scale is higher than I want it, it makes me mad and frustrated. When I stopped running back in October I managed to maintain my weight for a while, even through the holidays. In January I made me goal of no diet pop and no unhealthy snacks and that was good too. Then February came and things fell apart. I didn’t get around to making my goals and my clean eating wasn’t at its best. I ate crap snacks and ate out for meals too often. The result…8 lbs. it made me so mad. But although the number on the scale was higher, my jeans still fit and I “looked” the same. I wondered if maybe I was getting some muscle with the CrossFit and that might make the scale go up? Who knows why, but today when I got on the scale, it was back to my “happy place”. I weigh myself a couple of days a week first thing in the morning before my shower. I weighed myself on Tuesday and the weight was still there 😦 When I got on today, it was gone 🙂 I actually didn’t believe the number it said so got on and off 3 times. Each time it said the same thing! I did clean up my act and get back on track with my eating, but the number was a shock…a happy shock! Now my goal is to keep it there…or maybe even make it go a few pounds lower!


5. Deadlifts and Rows…and Hockey! Deadlifts and Rows was last night’s CrossFit workout. 5×5 deadlifts…which I now know means 5 sets of 5 deadlifts, with each set using heavier weights until the last set if they asked you to lift once more, you couldn’t. Since I have no idea how much I can lift, I started light and just kept adding. I got up to 95lbs, but I know I could have lifted heavier. Next time they said start around there and see how heavy I can go. I felt strong and loved how everything got tight when I lifted. I love CrossFit! After we did the strength training, the WOD was 3x500m rows with rest in between. The amount of rest depended on how fast you rowed. If you took a minute to row, you got a two minute rest. If 2 minutes to row, 4 minutes to rest. Basically double your row time was the amount of recovery you got. It took me 2:04.4 to do the first row. It was tough and I needed every second of my 4:08 recovery. My second row was pretty much the same at 2:04.10. My legs were like jello when I got off the rower for my rest. I am still amazed at how hard 2 minutes can be when you are really pushing yourself. I slowed down a bit for my final row with 2:10 as my time. That last row was killer! I was so happy to be done! Then I got to go home, have a quick bite and head off to hockey. We had a good game and tied 2-2. Despite how tired my legs were when I got off the rowers, they felt great at hockey. Which is good. I was a bit worried about how both CrossFit and hockey on the same night would make me feel, but in the end, it was fine!


Now it’s time to watch a bit of hockey and then head home to pack up my scrap stuff before hitting the road for my scrap weekend.

Hope you all had a good week and that the weekend is a great one!
Got anything big lined up?

And if you have any tips for getting my run mojo back, I would love to hear them!

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Totally Random Tuesday

Totally random tuesday 2

Happy Tuesday, peeps!

Here are some of the random things going on in my world today.

1.  I hit CrossFit at 7am today.  I had an appointment at 9am this morning, and wasn’t driving into work at my usual time, so scheduled my CrossFit class early in the morning.  This is the first early morning class I have been to.  I’m not sure I like it.  It’s great to get it out of the way early in the day, but it was early to get up and get my butt out the door.  I was so nervous about over-sleeping and being late for class that I woke up around 5am and didn’t really sleep much after that.  Once I got to the box it was all good, and as usual, I had a good class.

Today’s class was:

    • WOD:
    • 30 GHD sit-ups
    • Followed by 4 rounds of:
    • 25 Pull-ups
    • 10 Handstand Push-ups
    • * Time starts when you start the GHD sit-ups

I had no idea what a GHD sit-up was…so as usual, hit YouTube.  Here’s what I found:

I learn something new everyday at CrossFit!  Fun, Fun! 

I did a modified workout, since I hadn’t done GHD Sit-ups before, my coach had me only do 15 instead of the full 30.  For the workout, she modified that as well, having me only do 2 rounds instead of the Rx 4. (Rx means as prescribed, without any modifications).  I needed a band to help me get through the pull-ups, and I did my push-ups elevated on a box rather than in a handstand.  Even with those modifications, it was a killer workout.  I have no upper body strength, so both moves were quite a challenge.  I ache already.

2.  Another reason why I worked out this morning was because I was busy after work…getting a massage!!  All these CrossFit workouts have been torturing my body, so I was really looking forward to this massage….and it did not disappoint…it was awesome.  I went in feeling all hunched and achy, and left feeling taller and all Zen.  Only 3 more weeks until my next one.  I’m already looking forward to it.

3. Tonight I got back to clean eating.  Before running out the door for my massage, I got dinner ready.  I made Clean Eating African Peanut Stew.  I had made this recipe before and figured it would be perfect for tonight, since I could get it ready before I went for my massage.  I was right!  I was a little pressed for time since my massage was moved up from 6:45 to 6pm, but I did it.  I sautéed, chopped and got the stew ready so it could simmer while I enjoyed my massage.  When he got home from work, Hubby made the rice and when I got home all was ready to eat.  Total deliciousness..
african peanut stew

And the best part….7, that’s right…7 leftover meals!
stew leftovers

All in all, today was a pretty good day.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is just as good.

How was your Tuesday.  Hope it was Totally Random!

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I’m Beat!

Today was a bit of a rough day. Not because of anything that happened today, but because of what happened last night. You may recall that last night I went to see the Bon Jovi concert with some girlfriends. Well, we had a VERY good time! Here are just a few shots from the night…

We sang, we danced, we drank…we had a great time! Too good of a time! We were up late and I paid for it a bit today. I was so tired all day.

Just to make my day even more of a challenge, I had a 1pm CrossFit class. Most days when I go to CrossFit I’m nervous. Today I was my usual nerves about the class, plus extra nerves wondering if I would survive given the fact that I was less than 100%. Today’s WOD was a 5 minute AMRAP of Squat Cleans & Jerk. I got to the box early (because I’m too afraid to be late and get penalty burpees!), and I watched the class before mine do the WOD. It scared the crap out of me watching everyone do the workout. It looked like 5 minutes of hell.

When it was time for my class, we started with rowing mixed with squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. We did some other warm ups and then started breaking down the moves we would be doing today. This is one of the things that I like most about CrossFit…it doesn’t matter that I have no idea what most of the stuff is that we do in the workouts, they always break it down step by step and build up the move. By the time we got through throw the steps today, I have to say that I am now a squat clean & jerk pro! I didn’t lift much weight (15 pound training bar, plus 10lbs on each side, for 35 lbs total), but I managed to complete 25 cleans and jerks for a total of 50 reps. Hopefully we do these lifts again soon and I can try lifting a bit more.

I must have had a mental lapse last week, since I have signed up to go to class tomorrow morning at 7am! I’m away next weekend and to get my three workouts in this week, Tuesday at 7 was a time that worked. I’ve got an appointment at 9am, so I’m not going into work at the usual time, which makes the 7am class possible. On a regular day it’s not an option, but it works great tomorrow. The only downside is getting up and being ready to workout at 7! Tomorrows workout is:

It should be a fun workout considering I can’t do a pull-up or a handstand push-up! I can’t wait to see how they break those down for me!

Now, I am going to watch Californication and then hit the sack. I need to get a good night’s sleep to be ready to face CrossFit bright and early tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I also get back to eating and cooking clean. I can’t wait to have good dinners and leftovers for lunch!

What’s your favourite clean eating recipe?
Whats your favourite CrossFit lift?


Tonight’s The Night

It’s finally here. Tonight is BON JOVI!!! My sister and I are enjoying a pre-concert Corona as I type.

Many more tall cold ones to follow later as we meet up with the rest of the girls and get this party started.

So excited! This is going to be the best night ever!!!!


Rock on, peeps!

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The Friday Five

Another work week bites the dust…and it’s the weekend.  WOHOOO!!!  It’s also time for:


1.  Only 2 more sleeps until I go see Bon Jovi!!!  Just about every time Bon Jovi comes to town I go see the show with my sister and two of our friends (who also happen to be sisters).  We all LOVE Bon Jovi (mainly Jon Bon Jovi).  Seriously…what’s not to love?

bon jovi versace add
We always have a great time.  We sing, we dance, we yell at Jon to take off his clothes…and we’ve been known to have the odd beer too!  This year another friend is coming with us.  Erin is JBJ Rookie.  Hopefully she has fun.  If she doesn’t live up to our JBJ concert standard she won’t be invited back.  Kathy (aka Jack Rabbit) found that out the hard way.  She came with us last time and was not allowed to come with us this time.  That probably suited her just fine…I think we traumatized her a bit!  LOL.  This should be a pretty good time.  We are meeting for dinner before and then all staying over at Erin’s parents’ place who will be away.  So, after the concert, we will head there and keep the party going.  They’ve got a hot tub, which we will put to good use.  It promises to be a GOOD time! 

2.  I’ve got 2 CrossFit workouts on tap this weekend.  I’m going today at 5:30 and tomorrow morning at 11:30.  Here are the workouts…they look fun.  (did I just say that?)

WOD fri sat

There are many moves on these two workouts that I haven’t done yet, so it will be another bunch of firsts for me.  I’m sure these workouts will be tough, but I can’t wait to do them. I will let you know how they go.

3.  It’s a long weekend!  Monday is Family Day in Ontario, so we have an extra day off.  Wohoo!  Who doesn’t love a long weekend.  We have many family things planned this weekend.  We will be going to the Toronto Marlies hockey game on Saturday…not to watch the Marlies, but to watch the opposing team, The Hershey Bears.  My brother-in-law, Mark, is their head coach, so we will be going down to show some family support and hopefully see a good hockey game.  My dad is coming down and my sister and her family are also going.  It should be a good time. 


Monday we’ve got a birthday party for my niece Ryan who turns 3 today.  She shares her birthday with my nephew William who turns 4 today. Happy Birthday Kiddos!

4.  At some point this weekend I need to plan my meals for the week and get groceries.  Given the weekend we have ahead, this will be tough to fit in, but after the week I just had, I am definitely going to make sure this gets done.  I will try to spend some time with my Clean Eating magazines and cookbooks tonight and get things planned.  Hopefully Sunday before Bon Jovi I will be able to hit the grocery store and get needed supplies for a week of healthy, clean meals and snacks for the week. 

Plan your meals ahead

5.  This weekend I also need to plan out my training schedule for the GoodLife Half.  I know I have said I need to do this before, but it is getting down to crunch time.  The race is 78 days away.  That’s about 11 weeks.  Most training schedules are 12 weeks minimum, so I’m already officially behind.  AWESOME!  I’m planning on running 3 days a week max.  A long run on the weekend (most likely on Sunday), one hill/speed/tempo run during the week,  and then hopefully a short easy run one day at lunch.  Hopefully this weekend I will have some time with my sister and a couple schedules I’ve got and we can build me a realistic running schedule.  Whatever we come up with will have to work around my 3 CrossFit sessions each week.  I’m loving those and don’t want to give those up.  I’m hoping that by getting stronger and fitter with CrossFit, it will make me a better runner.  I’m also going to check out this book…it sounds perfect!


Here’s looking forward to a great weekend ahead. 

What’s on tap for your weekend?  Doing anything exciting?

Anyone out there have a half marathon schedule that works with CrossFit?  I’d love to see it.

Happy Weekend!

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Yep, I Regret It….BIG TIME!

Last Sunday was a hectic day (and I was a bit lazy) and I didn’t do any menu planning or food prep.  I knew I would be out 3 nights this week and I really should have taken the time to get organized on the weekend.  But, I didn’t and now I definitely regret it.

Not cooking main dinners (since I was out 3 nights) meant no leftovers for lunches the next day.  I actually hated having to go out and eat lunch somewhere.  I wanted to try to eat healthy, but there just isn’t much choice for that near where I work.  I probably could have found something if I tried a bit harder, but again, the lazy factor kicked in.

Now, it’s Thursday and I have eaten out Monday dinner, Tuesday lunch, Wednesday lunch and dinner, and lunch today.  I probably won’t eat dinner tonight since I had a big lunch and there just won’t be time between getting home from parent-teacher interviews down at my son’s school and leaving for hockey.  I think I will have time to just stop at home, pick up my gear, and head out again. 

So, aside from being lighter in my wallet, all this eating out has left me feeling BLAHBloated, Lethargic, Annoyed with myself, and feeling Heavy.  I hate it.

feeling blah

Lesson learned.  Menu planning and meal prep is the way to go for me. 

Plan your meals ahead

Hopefully tonight at hockey I can skate off some of this BLAH.  I’ll let you know.

How do you shake off the BLAH?


Gotta Dance

This post is about nothing…I did not work out today, eat clean, or cook.

But, I saw this video on a couple of Facebook pages today, and it made me smile. 🙂

Ladies and Gentlemen….I give you Spandy Andy.  Enjoy!


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This Jerk Rows!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today was another hectic day at work.  They all seem to be these days.  I guess it’s good.  The days fly by, and that is so much better than trying to fill a day.

I was looking forward to the end of the day…not just because it meant work would be over, but because I meant I would be heading back to the “box”.


Today’s WOD was 7×1 Jerks and a 1000m row.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had no idea what a Jerk even was.  My search on Google produced lots of good videos.  The video I originally wanted to post wouldn’t work, but this one still has a pretty good explanation of what the “jerk” is and how to execute it properly.

The Jerk

Those guys in the video are crazy strong.  I did not lift anything like that…but I tried to match their form.

Again, since it was my first time trying , I was told to focus on form.  I worked with another girl who was fairly new to CrossFit and one other who has been going for a while, but isn’t lifting much yet.  We started with just the 35lb barbell to get a feel for the move.  I have to say, I liked it.  Giving the little dip and then going into the lunge really makes it so you can drive the barbell over your held fairly easily.  The workout called for a 7×1 jerk.  Our coach modified that to 2 or 3 reps per weight to just get the hang of it.  We started with jus the bar, then added 10lbs, and eventually 10 more.  So, I jerked 55lbs tonight.  I’m sure I could have done more, but I didn’t want to push it and the other girls were good at that weight, so I just stuck there.  I’m already looking forward to the next time we do the jerk and seeing how much more weight I can lift.

After the jerk it was on to the 1000m row.  So far, I have only rowed 250m hard and 500m for a cool down.  Coach Justin reminded us that the row is all about driving with the legs, and that for a 1000m row, pace is important.  Keeping all of this in mind, I hit the rower.  I completed the 1000m in 4:34.4.  Yesterday I had estimated my 1000m row time to be between 4:12 and 4:32 based on how long it took me to complete the 250m rows I did last week.  My 4:34.4 isn’t too far off of my predicted time, and I’m pretty happy that I was able to maintain a steady pace for the whole row.

My next trip to the box will be on Friday.  Thursday I will check the website and see what my workout will be.  Hopefully I will know what the moves are…but if not, I will hit up trusty Google again and see what I’m in for!

It felt good to get a workout in today.  It’s too bad my eating was so bad.  Since I didn’t cook last night, I didn’t have leftovers to take for lunch.  I ended up going out with a colleague to Il Fornello and having a deliciously spicy, but likely “un-clean”, pizza.  It hit the spot in terms of taste, but I did feel a bit guilty about eating it.  I didn’t feet as bad about eating that as I did about eating more pizza when I got home from CrossFit.  Hubs and the kids had pizza yesterday while I was out, so I had a couple of slices as that was pretty much all there was that would be quick.

eat clean

This just goes to prove my suspicion that I would regret not doing any menu planning or food prep on the weekend.  Lesson learned.  I will do better next weekend.

To see the be all and end all of weekend food prep, check out this post by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean.  She really knows how to prep!  And as a Dietetic Intern, training to be a Registered Dietician, she knows how to keep it healthy.  This is what I aspire to…I’ve got a ways to go yet!

Now, it’s off to bed to read a few pages before calling it a night.  What I really should do is spend some time with my half marathon schedule and figure out how I am going to get all those runs into my workout routine.  That probably isn’t going to happen…but I can’t put it off much longer.  I really need to start running or this half is not going to happen.  UGH!!!!

How was your workout today?  Have you ever done a jerk workout?  Did you like it as much as I did?

Anyone out there do CrossFit and half marathons?  How do you fit it all in? 

Sleep tight, kids.   See you tomorrow!


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