My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

The Friday Five

on February 2, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone! Wohoo…another week in the books!  And you know what that means…time for another edition of:

1.  Today was my first official CrossFit class.  It was awesome!  See here for my full re-cap of my first WOD.  
survived CF WOD

2.  The Healthy sELF campaign kicks off on Monday.  You may remember that I participated in the Elf4Health challenge run by Elle and Lindsay.  Well, lots of Elves said they wished it could continue all year, so Elle and Lindsay created Healthy sELF to keep the spirit going all year.  Monday is the first challenge, and it is to go meatless.  I’m trying to do Meatless Monday on a regular basis, so this one won’t be too bad.  I’ll just be sure to build a meatless dinner into my meal plan for the week.
meatless monday
3.  I am going to have to be very organized to fit everything in for the next month.  My life was already pretty hectic, juggling work, the house and kids, and squeezing in my at home workouts.  Now I’ve added CrossFit to the mix.  I’ve signed up to go to 3 classes next week – Monday 8:30pm, Wednesday 8:30pm, and Friday 5:30.  I need to get all 3 classes in during the week, since I’m at a hockey tournament with my older son next weekend, and not able to get to a class on Saturday.  Normally on the weekend I plan my meals for the week.  I’ll need to be sure that on Monday and Wednesday I have fairly easy meal prep so I can get dinner ready and eat with enough time to digest a bit before I go to the gym. 

4.  I’m tired.

5.  I’m going to bed!

Sorry those last 2 were so lame, but it’s already past midnight and I’m exhausted.  I need to be up at 7am to get my son to his 8am hockey game.  He actually had a double header tomorrow, with games at 8 and 10…so that’s about 4 hours at a rink for him and us tomorrow.  I’ll need to leave right after the second game so I can be sure to get to the gym in time. I don’t want any penalty burpees!  I’m sure the workout will be tough enough without adding any burpees to the mix!

So, with that, I’m off to bed! 

How was your Friday?

Happy weekend!


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