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The answer…EVERY DAY!

on February 6, 2013

So, if EVERY DAY is the answer….what is the question?

This is the question…


Seriously, every day when I was into CrossFit, I am scared shitless! Thinking about the WOD, and the tasks ahead of me for the next hour, freaks me out. I still haven’t quite convinced myself that I am CrossFit material. But three days a week I walk in, have a mini anxiety attack, and then forget all about nerves once the workout starts.

That is exactly what happened today. Nerves, a little internal freak-out, and then down to business. I love it! Tonight’s WOD was 6 x 250m row, with 4 minute rest after each row, but during that rest time you have to do as many hand release push-ups as you can do, then rest for the remainder of the four minute break. It was a good workout. I’m sure I will be feeling those push-ups tomorrow. I better be!

The goal for the workout was to get the row done as quickly as possible, do the most push-ups you could (meaning you can’t physically do anymore, or your form breaks). Scores were fastest row, slowest row, most push-ups and least push-ups. Here’s how I did:

As usual, after the workout I was exhausted and kind of proud of myself. I made it though another WOD and lived to tell! That’s a win in my books!

So, I had a good workout today, but I also had a good food day. Not cheating on the clean eating at all…and managed to stay within my MyFitnessPal calorie target. Yay!

Now, as usual…it is way too late and I need to get my exhausted body to bed! One of these days I will get myself organized enough to get to bed at a decent hour. Until then, I guess I will just be tired!

How was your Wednesday?
Did your workout scare the crap out of you?

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