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Holy Hectic Day, Batman!

on February 8, 2013

Today was GO GO GO all day.  Work was busy, but good.  I got a lot of things accomplished and settled with a couple of big studies I have going on, and the day flew by.  All was good….and then I got in the car to pick the kids up at school and drive home.

Things quickly turned to crap..  It is usually about a half hour to 45 minute drive home, so I was not too impressed with tonight’s 2 hour trip.

To help pass the time, the kids and I tried to get Siri to say funny things.  We asked her to talk dirty to us.  She talked about compost and garbage and said she would find the nearest dump for us.  We’ve done this at home a couple of times, but apparently the kids we drive have never “played’ with Siri and they thought it was hilarious.  We went through the usual games to play with Siri…asking how many peppers did Peter Piper pick….what happened to Humpty Dumpty…how much wood could a woodchuck chuck…you know, the usual!  

Siri could only entertain us for so long…then we started channel surfing.  Normally I listen to Q107… everyday, all the time.  Tonight, since I was trying to do something to make the drive less painful as we were crawling along so slowly and making no progress at all (and because they were talking to some rock star who I couldn’t understand at all on Q at the time), we hit all the channels I never listen to, but the kids knew every song they played.  All that new age pop crap.  I can’t stand it, but they sang along and had a great time.  2 hours after I left my office,we pulled into the SuperStore parking lot where we meet for our carpool and I dropped off the kids. 

The snow isn’t even that bad yet.  It’s supposed to start getting really bad over night and tomorrow morning.  We made the decision at work to call tomorrow a snow day and we are all working from home.  So, since I’m not driving into work, all the carpool kids get a snow day too. 

snow day

I made it home just in time to hit the bathroom, grab one of my no-bake coconut cookies, grab my gear and head out to hockey.  I was glad I was able to go play.  We had fun, I got 2 goals, and we won!  Yay Crushers! 

i love hockey

Food wise, was so so today.  Clean breakfast of sausage egg muffins (so yummy!).  Lunch was out with colleagues to catch the last day of Winterlicious.  We went to Linda Thai restaurant at the Shops at Don Mills. I forgot to take pictures off all the courses…but did remember for dessert – sticky rice with mango.  Delicious!  skicky rice

Dinner as I mentioned earlier was a cookie before hockey.  Not surprisingly I was a little hungry when I got back home, so I made some coconut popcorn to eat while I wrote this post and watched Grey’s and Big Bang,

Now, my bed is calling me and I’m very excited to get a little sleep-in since no one is rushing to catch a bus or meet carpools (we are really hoping they cancel busses so my little guy doesn’t have to go in either).  Fingers crossed we all get a good sleep.

Until tomorrow.

How was your drive home from work?
Are you ready for “snowmageddon”?


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