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The Friday Five – Snow Day Edition

on February 8, 2013

Happy Friday, everyone!  We made it through another week!  And this one ended with a bang…and a LOT of snow if you are in Southern Ontario!


Without further ado….here we go!

1.  Today was a snow day!  It started snowing yesterday afternoon and pretty much hasn’t stopped.  It did seem to take a break from 1am to 6am, but then picked up and didn’t stop all day.  I know it took a break, because when I got up around 5am to hit the loo, I took a peek outside and I could still see hubby’s footprints from when he came home from the bar after his hockey game last night.  You could have shoveled non-stop today.  The kids shoveled this morning while I did some work, and when I got home from the gym around 2:24 you couldn’t even tell.  We all shoveled again when I got home and by the time we were done, we could have easily started over again, but I was done with shoveling.  Here are a few shots of the snow.  Keep in mind that yesterday morning when I went to work, you could see the grass!

2.  My reward for shoveling:  Chai Latte deliciousness….mmmm…so good. I definitely earned this one today.  After shoveling I was spent…and it didn’t help that I did all this shoveling AFTER my WOD…I can barely lift my arms now!  I am not looking forward to how they are going to feel tomorrow!

shoveling reward

3.  Today was another CrossFit day!  I am absolutely loving CrossFit.  The workouts are killer.  I’m not very good at quite a few things, but they are such a great workout, the people are so nice, and I’m feeling myself getting stronger.  I was originally planning to go to the 5:30 class after work, but since I was working from home, I changed to the 1pm class to get it out of the way.   The workout today was: 

Strength move:  5×5 front squats – do a front squat with as much weight as you can.  I had never done a front squat, so the trainer told me to just start light and worry about proper form rather than lifting heavy just yet.  It is a very weird feeling having your wrists bent back so far to get your elbows pointing our and creating a “shelf” with your shoulders for the bar to sit on.  I liked these and I think next time I will go quite a bit heavier.  Today I just did 55lbs, but I know I can lift more.

The WOD today was an 8 minute AMRAP
8 knees to elbows
8 kettlebell swings
16 air squats
I had never done a “knee to elbow” before.  It is just what is sounds like:  you hang from a pull up bar and lift your knees up to your elbows.  I was not very good at them, and didn’t get my knees all the way to my elbows, but that’s okay…one day I will get there!  In the 8 minutes I did 5 +5.  This means I did 5 full rounds of all 3 exercises, then I completed 5 KTE before the 8 minutes were up.  What a workout!  I hated it and loved it at the same time. 

this sucks
4.  I made the best dinner tonight!  Tonight was another new Clean Eating recipe (from CE March 2013):  Sesame Pork Tenderloin with Baby Bok Choy and Apple Tamari Glaze.  Oh my god…it was so good!  And quite simple to prepare. 
sesame pork tenderloin

I also roasted up some Kabocha squash to go with it…that stuff is so good! 
pork medalians
Dinner was delish…and so much healthier than our usual Friday night special of pizza and beer.  We considered doing the pizza thing, but I know we will not be eating all that well tomorrow or Sunday.  We are away on an overnight hockey tourney with one of the kids, so it’s restaurant food for the next 5 meals>  Taking that into consideration, home cooked goodness just made more sense. 

5.  The GoodLIfe Toronto Half Marathon is 85 days away!  I guess I better start running!  I need to sit down with my new schedule and see how I’m going to be able to fit it all in.  My sister gave me a schedule that is all based on finish time goal.  I need to decide if I am going to train to be faster than my last half (which was a PR), or just run for fun and not worry about time.  If I’m running for time, I guess I will shoot for a 2:25 time, but anything better than 2:29:55 will do!  I have no idea how CrossFit and running will go together.  I’m thinking not very well!  But, just now I searched “CrossFit and Half Marathon” and discovered something called CrossFit Endurance.  I will have to check that out and see if there really is someway to combine CrossFit WOD and half marathon training that won’t kill me in the process! 
crossfit endurance

So, there they are…this week’s Friday Five. 

How was your week?
Did you make anything absolutely delicious this week?

Got any big plans for the weekend?


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