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I Know I’m Going To Regret This

on February 10, 2013

This weekend I was in Oshawa for a hockey tournament with my older son’s team.  Although they didn’t win, they played well all weekend…especially their last game, where they came so close.  Being away for the weekend meant I didn’t cook, so my eating wasn’t a clean if I was cooking for myself.  We ate out for 3 meals (lunch and dinner Saturday and then breakfast today). 

Lunch was Swiss Chalet.  I had a Quarter Chicken White with fries.  That’s right…I had fries, and they were awesome! Swiss Chalet has great fries, and I enjoyed every one of them.  Dinner was at the restaurant in the hotel.  They had a buffet that wasn’t the best in terms of being “clean”, but it sure was tasty!  I had butternut squash soup, a leafy green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, some roasted potatoes, some pasta, a couple perogies, a slice of roast beef and a chicken finger.  I also enjoyed a very small brownie and 2 awesome chocolate/coconut brownie bites (they were so good!).  Breakfast today was a toasted whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and a white hot chocolate from Timmie’s. 

Overall, I probably ate too much, and I didn’t get any exercise these last 2 days – unless you count cheering at the top of my lungs from the stands of an arena exercise!  But, I don’t care.  I enjoyed myself and don’t feel bad about that. 


The part I know I’m going to regret is what happened when we got home from the tourney.  I sat on my butt on the couch, read blogs and twitter, and read a book.  That’s all fine, but I should have also gone through my Clean Eating magazines and planned out my dinners for the week and gone grocery shopping.

Now, I’m going into the week not know what I’m cooking or eating and that’s not so good.  Part of the reason I didn’t do my planning is I am out 3 nights this week, so cooking on those nights likely won’t happen.  Monday I’ve got a parent council meeting at my son’s school from 7:15-8:45, so will likely grab something after work before I go to the school.  Tuesday I’m going to CrossFit at 6:30 and won’t eat before I go (no sense puking it up!), Thursday I have a parent-teacher interview at 6:30, so won’t get home from work until after that..and then I need to head right out to hockey.  This all means meals this week will all be last minute throw-togethers.  This will be a good test to see how I can stay “clean” when not cooking full meals.  Wish me luck! 

While I didn’t menu plan or grocery shop, I did make another batch of the no-bake chocolate coconut cookies.  These things are so good, and so easy…and now they are in the freezer ready as a quick, clean, delicious treat when I am craving something sweet!
no bake coconut

Tonight’s dinner was this week’s first test of cooking without a meal plan.  I didn’t really feel like a big meal, and my son wanted edamame, so I threw together a light edamame and dumpling meal.  This was a hit with the kids and adults too.  So quick and so tasty! 
pot sticker edamame dinner

I tried a new recipe for the edamame that I found on  Her recipe was for a 1 serving snack.  I don’t know my exact measurements, but I used more of every ingredient to make enough for a full bag of edamame.  I quickly sautéed some garlic and ginger in sesame oil, then added a sauce of soy sauce, brown sugar and pepper flakes.  This sauce simmered for a few minutes. I think next time I might add some corn starch to make it a bit thicker so it clings a bit more to the edamame.  Once the sauce had a few minutes to cook, I tossed the cooked edamame in and let them simmer for a few minutes and absorb some sauce.  These were even better than last week’s XO sauce edamame that I made!  There was lots of edamame sauce left in the wok after I scooped out the beans, so I poured it into a bowl and we used it as one of the dip options for the dumplings.  TASTY!!!

Now I’m sitting here typing and watching the Grammy’s, trying to figure out what I will eat tomorrow.  I’ve got a leftover meal from Friday night’s pork with apple butter sauce and kabocha.  I already can’t wait for lunch!  As I mentioned earlier, tomorrow’s dinner will be something I grab between work and the parent council meeting.  Maybe I will try to find some sushi and get a rare fish meal into me.  I really don’t like cooked fish (unless it’s done like “fish and chips” which is not so healthy!), but I do like it raw as sushi.  A bit odd, I know, but oh well.  There is a good sushi place close to my son’s school, so hopefully I will have time to stop in and enjoy a healthy meal.

While I don’t have my meals completely planned out for the week, I do know my workout schedule, mostly driven by my CrossFit workouts and hockey. 

  1. Tuesday CrossFit 6:30pm
  2. Thursday Hockey 8:30pm
  3. Friday CrossFit 5:30 pm
  4. Saturday CrossFit 11:30am

At some point I will need to start including running into my workout schedule.  The GoodLIfe Half is getting closer everyday (only 83 days away) and I still have yet to start training.  Not good!  I will have to seriously consider some “runches” (lunchtime runs) or I will have trouble fitting it all in. 

Now, another weekend is over Sad smile  but if I can make it through this week, there are lots of great things ahead for next weekend:  it’s a long weekend (Family Day next Monday) and I’m going to see Bon Jovi with my girlfriends on Sunday night!  Only 6 more sleeps!  Wohoo!!!!
jbj countdown

Here’s looking forward to a great, quick week ahead.

How’s your week looking?
Do you have any quick, go to meals that keep you on track when life gets hectic?

Anyone else going to see Bon Jovi in Toronto?


2 responses to “I Know I’m Going To Regret This

  1. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break. Just get back on track later this week. 😉


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