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This Jerk Rows!

on February 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Today was another hectic day at work.  They all seem to be these days.  I guess it’s good.  The days fly by, and that is so much better than trying to fill a day.

I was looking forward to the end of the day…not just because it meant work would be over, but because I meant I would be heading back to the “box”.


Today’s WOD was 7×1 Jerks and a 1000m row.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had no idea what a Jerk even was.  My search on Google produced lots of good videos.  The video I originally wanted to post wouldn’t work, but this one still has a pretty good explanation of what the “jerk” is and how to execute it properly.

The Jerk

Those guys in the video are crazy strong.  I did not lift anything like that…but I tried to match their form.

Again, since it was my first time trying , I was told to focus on form.  I worked with another girl who was fairly new to CrossFit and one other who has been going for a while, but isn’t lifting much yet.  We started with just the 35lb barbell to get a feel for the move.  I have to say, I liked it.  Giving the little dip and then going into the lunge really makes it so you can drive the barbell over your held fairly easily.  The workout called for a 7×1 jerk.  Our coach modified that to 2 or 3 reps per weight to just get the hang of it.  We started with jus the bar, then added 10lbs, and eventually 10 more.  So, I jerked 55lbs tonight.  I’m sure I could have done more, but I didn’t want to push it and the other girls were good at that weight, so I just stuck there.  I’m already looking forward to the next time we do the jerk and seeing how much more weight I can lift.

After the jerk it was on to the 1000m row.  So far, I have only rowed 250m hard and 500m for a cool down.  Coach Justin reminded us that the row is all about driving with the legs, and that for a 1000m row, pace is important.  Keeping all of this in mind, I hit the rower.  I completed the 1000m in 4:34.4.  Yesterday I had estimated my 1000m row time to be between 4:12 and 4:32 based on how long it took me to complete the 250m rows I did last week.  My 4:34.4 isn’t too far off of my predicted time, and I’m pretty happy that I was able to maintain a steady pace for the whole row.

My next trip to the box will be on Friday.  Thursday I will check the website and see what my workout will be.  Hopefully I will know what the moves are…but if not, I will hit up trusty Google again and see what I’m in for!

It felt good to get a workout in today.  It’s too bad my eating was so bad.  Since I didn’t cook last night, I didn’t have leftovers to take for lunch.  I ended up going out with a colleague to Il Fornello and having a deliciously spicy, but likely “un-clean”, pizza.  It hit the spot in terms of taste, but I did feel a bit guilty about eating it.  I didn’t feet as bad about eating that as I did about eating more pizza when I got home from CrossFit.  Hubs and the kids had pizza yesterday while I was out, so I had a couple of slices as that was pretty much all there was that would be quick.

eat clean

This just goes to prove my suspicion that I would regret not doing any menu planning or food prep on the weekend.  Lesson learned.  I will do better next weekend.

To see the be all and end all of weekend food prep, check out this post by Lindsay from the Lean Green Bean.  She really knows how to prep!  And as a Dietetic Intern, training to be a Registered Dietician, she knows how to keep it healthy.  This is what I aspire to…I’ve got a ways to go yet!

Now, it’s off to bed to read a few pages before calling it a night.  What I really should do is spend some time with my half marathon schedule and figure out how I am going to get all those runs into my workout routine.  That probably isn’t going to happen…but I can’t put it off much longer.  I really need to start running or this half is not going to happen.  UGH!!!!

How was your workout today?  Have you ever done a jerk workout?  Did you like it as much as I did?

Anyone out there do CrossFit and half marathons?  How do you fit it all in? 

Sleep tight, kids.   See you tomorrow!


10 responses to “This Jerk Rows!

  1. jsresults says:

    Awesom job! Great work on the rowing and the jerks. Jerks are realllyyy tough to master


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks! I really liked the Jerks. I can’t wait to do them again with a bit more weight. I am friggin’ loving crossfit! BTW…your workouts look crazy insane. half the time I have no idea what you are talking about but it still amazes me that you do all of that everyday. It seems to be working for you 😉


      • jsresults says:

        Hahaha Thank you! I greatly appreciate the compliment!

        Yeah crossfit is nutty, they throw so many different techniques into their routines that always keep you on your toes. I love getting in a crossfit workout 1-2 times a week.

        And if you ever have a question on any of my workouts definitely shoot me a comment or something and I’ll gladly do my best to fully explain everything 🙂

        Keep crushing it!


  2. j! ayson says:

    My workout today was a run.. on a treadmill.. which I wasn’t crazy about but I ran for an hour so I was really excited about that. Love hearing that you’ve loving crossfit.. I definitely need to get started on that. Just trying to figure out how to fit that into my running schedule as well.


    • cathyo says:

      I seriously need to get running again but so unmotivated to do it. If given the choice, I’d rather do a CrossFit workout. Somehow u need to make running fun again… Not sure exactly how, but I better figure it out soon!


      • j! ayson says:

        hmm.. make running fun? that would be tough.. hehe.. honestly for me, running has never been fun. But it’s the one challenge I set myself that truly challenges me physically and mentally. If I could make running fun, that would be awesome! So when you figure it out.. don’t forget to share! 🙂
        After taking the trial CrossFit class, I know that I’d choose that over running any day. Maybe it’s good that I haven’t signed up yet.. hehe


  3. kepotts says:

    Way to JERK! I know, that sounded kind of wrong! I had my first CrossFit experience this morning & cannot wait to go back. And only about 6 months ago did I realize what a huge part of training that diet was, it really is true what they say about “abs being made in the kitchen” as cheesy as it sounds!


    • cathyo says:

      i am suprised by how much i like CrossFit. I look forward to every workout. I need to get organized with my food again. This week just goes to show me how critical taking the time to menu plan is to my healthy eating.


  4. I’m so impressed! I still haven’t made it to a CrossFit place yet, but it’s on my to-do list. Congrats!


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