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The Friday Five

on February 15, 2013

Another work week bites the dust…and it’s the weekend.  WOHOOO!!!  It’s also time for:


1.  Only 2 more sleeps until I go see Bon Jovi!!!  Just about every time Bon Jovi comes to town I go see the show with my sister and two of our friends (who also happen to be sisters).  We all LOVE Bon Jovi (mainly Jon Bon Jovi).  Seriously…what’s not to love?

bon jovi versace add
We always have a great time.  We sing, we dance, we yell at Jon to take off his clothes…and we’ve been known to have the odd beer too!  This year another friend is coming with us.  Erin is JBJ Rookie.  Hopefully she has fun.  If she doesn’t live up to our JBJ concert standard she won’t be invited back.  Kathy (aka Jack Rabbit) found that out the hard way.  She came with us last time and was not allowed to come with us this time.  That probably suited her just fine…I think we traumatized her a bit!  LOL.  This should be a pretty good time.  We are meeting for dinner before and then all staying over at Erin’s parents’ place who will be away.  So, after the concert, we will head there and keep the party going.  They’ve got a hot tub, which we will put to good use.  It promises to be a GOOD time! 

2.  I’ve got 2 CrossFit workouts on tap this weekend.  I’m going today at 5:30 and tomorrow morning at 11:30.  Here are the workouts…they look fun.  (did I just say that?)

WOD fri sat

There are many moves on these two workouts that I haven’t done yet, so it will be another bunch of firsts for me.  I’m sure these workouts will be tough, but I can’t wait to do them. I will let you know how they go.

3.  It’s a long weekend!  Monday is Family Day in Ontario, so we have an extra day off.  Wohoo!  Who doesn’t love a long weekend.  We have many family things planned this weekend.  We will be going to the Toronto Marlies hockey game on Saturday…not to watch the Marlies, but to watch the opposing team, The Hershey Bears.  My brother-in-law, Mark, is their head coach, so we will be going down to show some family support and hopefully see a good hockey game.  My dad is coming down and my sister and her family are also going.  It should be a good time. 


Monday we’ve got a birthday party for my niece Ryan who turns 3 today.  She shares her birthday with my nephew William who turns 4 today. Happy Birthday Kiddos!

4.  At some point this weekend I need to plan my meals for the week and get groceries.  Given the weekend we have ahead, this will be tough to fit in, but after the week I just had, I am definitely going to make sure this gets done.  I will try to spend some time with my Clean Eating magazines and cookbooks tonight and get things planned.  Hopefully Sunday before Bon Jovi I will be able to hit the grocery store and get needed supplies for a week of healthy, clean meals and snacks for the week. 

Plan your meals ahead

5.  This weekend I also need to plan out my training schedule for the GoodLife Half.  I know I have said I need to do this before, but it is getting down to crunch time.  The race is 78 days away.  That’s about 11 weeks.  Most training schedules are 12 weeks minimum, so I’m already officially behind.  AWESOME!  I’m planning on running 3 days a week max.  A long run on the weekend (most likely on Sunday), one hill/speed/tempo run during the week,  and then hopefully a short easy run one day at lunch.  Hopefully this weekend I will have some time with my sister and a couple schedules I’ve got and we can build me a realistic running schedule.  Whatever we come up with will have to work around my 3 CrossFit sessions each week.  I’m loving those and don’t want to give those up.  I’m hoping that by getting stronger and fitter with CrossFit, it will make me a better runner.  I’m also going to check out this book…it sounds perfect!


Here’s looking forward to a great weekend ahead. 

What’s on tap for your weekend?  Doing anything exciting?

Anyone out there have a half marathon schedule that works with CrossFit?  I’d love to see it.

Happy Weekend!


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