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“The Chief”

on March 4, 2013

I just got home from the Box…and I can hardly lift my arms! Tonight’s workout was “The Chief”.

Oh my God! This workout was killer. After practicing our power cleans and working up to the weight we would do the workout at, it was down to business.

Let me tell you, this was 20 minutes of pure hell…and I loved it!

I had to scale the workout and only cleaned 55lbs. I think next time I could lift more, but the 55lbs was a good challenge…especially towards the end of the workout! In the 5 cycles, I was able to do 15 rounds plus 2 cleans. I’m pretty happy with that…and especially with my push-ups, which were strong throughout the whole workout (although I did them on my knees, they felt much more solid than they did a month ago!)

Tonight I had a great dinner before heading to the gym. I made the Clean Eating Sesame Pork Tenderloin with Bok Choy and Apple Tamari Glaze. This was a repeat recipe and it was a hit again. In fact, my older son says we need to have this more often. He is not a big fan of the bok choy, so I made corn for the kids. I also roasted up some acorn squash to round out the meal.

It was delicious, and I’ve got a lovely leftover lunch ready for tomorrow – YAY!!!

Tomorrow is a day off from the box, but I will be cooking clean again. Tomorrow is Cauliflower, Goat Cheese & Chicken Casserole. This was so good last time I made it, I can’t wait to try it again. Plus, while the casserole cooks, I should have a half hour or so to either do a kettlebell workout, Fitness Blender workout, or maybe even hit the treadmill for a run…you know, since the GoodLife half marathon is only 2 months away and I still haven’t completed a single training run!!! God, this is not going to be good! Oh well!

But now, in typical fashion, it’s late and I’m exhausted. I need to get my achy arms to bed. I’m terrified of how much I am going to hurt tomorrow. No pain, no gain, right?!!!

How was your Monday?
Did you eat clean and get a killer workout in?

And don’t forget…

Only 4 more workdays until vacay!!!


2 responses to ““The Chief”

  1. jsresults says:

    GREAT JOB ON THE CHIEF! I love this WOD and find it super competitive. Exhausting as well. Improving daily!


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks. This was the first workout that I lay on the floor after to catch my breath for a bit. I felt like a true CrossFitter! I loved it! Can’t wait to go back tomorrow.


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