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Totally Random Tuesday – March Break Vermont Edition

on March 12, 2013

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Totally random tuesday 2

I’m in Vermont on a ski vacation this week…hence the lack of posts.  I’ve been too busy shredding, eating and drinking to post!  Today it is raining – pouring, actually – so we took the afternoon off and I have time to write a post.  Here of some random things that have happened so far this week.

1.  We are having a fantastic trip so far.
Image (1)

The sun was shining Sunday afternoon when we arrived at the hill and we had a great first day of skiing, and some great Apres Ski beverages as well!  The run you see in the middle of the bottom row in the pic above is my absolute FAVOURITE run at Okemo.  It is called WarDance and a lot of the time it is not open for general public skiing as it is closed for racing.  Yesterday it was actually open, and I made the most of it, skiing it at least 5 times.  I love, love, love this run. I get in my grove and just fly down the hill.  I skied it as much as I could on Monday, since you never know if it will be open again.

2.  Beer is VERY cheep down here!  As you know, I am a big fan of Corona.  At home, its about $48 for a 24 pack.  Down here, it is about $13 for a 12 pack.  SWEET!  I have been enjoying them …and this is what I’ve got left:

Actually, now there is only one, since I’m enjoying one as I type up this post.  Good thing hubs has gone into town for a grocery top up and is picking me up another 12 pack!

3.  I remember how to snowboard!  Since the weather today was crap – seriously, it is POURING – I decided to take my snowboard out for the morning.  The snow would be soft and make my wipeout landings softer.  I am still a very novice snowboarder, so I’m slow and still have some pretty spectacular wipeouts.  I started out with a few runs on the small hill to make sure I remembered how to do it, then I got brave and headed up the big hill.  I was slow, but I managed to cover a lot of the mountain, and even got to board on WarDance!  It was supposed to be on hold for racing, but when I got over there, it was open, so off I went!  it was awesome! Check out the trail map to see where I’m skiing & riding this week.

4.  I am not doing so great with my clean eating this week.  But you know what….I don’t really care!  I am getting lots of fresh air and exercise – especially when I board…it is hard work for me – so I’m not too worried about things. Plus, I’m on vacation!  One week off won’t kill me.  We have actually been eating quite well so far.  We’ve had a lovely chicken and veggie fettuccini alfredo and a taco salad.  Tonight we are having pulled pork…mmm mmm…can’t wait!   It is simmering in the crock pot as I type!
photo (1)
5.  I’m missing my CrossFit.  I’ve been following along on the CrossFit Newmarket Central website to see what the WOD’s are that I’m missing.  tomorrow I need to check in to see what the Open 13.2 WOD will be.  I’m enjoying my week of skiing and boarding, but looking forward to getting back to the CrossFit routine next week.

6.  Vermont has the BEST cheese!  This Cabot cheese is the bomb!  Sharp Cheddar deliciousness!  We have eaten a giant brick already…and cheese was on the grocery list that hubs has as well.  I need to remember to grab a couple of bricks to take home with me.
photo (2)

Now, I think it’s time that I get back to my Corona!

Hope your Tuesday has been totally random!
Are you doing anything fun for March Break?



7 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday – March Break Vermont Edition

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great time! Miss you at home 🙂 hope it stops raining so you can get back out there! Enjoy!


  2. jsresults says:

    Thats awesome that your enjoying your ski trip. Just in time too because the weather is starting to warm up! Soak up the rest of the trip!


  3. evetheatheist says:

    Ooooh…how fun!! Hope you had a blast!!


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