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Back To Reality

on March 17, 2013

I’m back from vacation…and not really too excited about it. We had a fantastic week of skiing and snowboarding, but I will admit, I did not have the best week food-wise. I ate too much, but enjoyed every bite. I also enjoyed the cheap Corona that they have in the States!

I will give a full vacay recap later, but today, I am focusing on getting back on track with my food and workouts. I made my weekly meal plan this afternoon and got the required groceries. I also planned out most of my workouts for the week…CrossFit and hockey, at least….but at some point I need to start running!

FOOD: all dinners for the week are from The Best of Clean Eating 3 Cookbook.


Sunday: Spicy Corn Chowder pg. 91
Monday: Broccoli Rabe Linguini pg. 227
Tuesday: Quesadilla Casserole pg. 156
Wednesday: Leftovers 🙂
Thursday: Ginger Soy Chicken & Edamame Stir Fry pg. 159
Friday: Pizza and beer (we made it through the week!)
Saturday: Pork Chops with Peppers, Onions & Olives pg. 140

Lunches for the week will be mostly leftovers.  I’ve got 4 leftover meals from tonight’s Spicy Corn Chowder.  This is the second time I have made this dish…and it was just as good as I remember it. 
spicy corn chowder

Monday: CrossFit 8:30pm
Wednesday: CrossFit 7:30pm
Thursday: Hockey 9:30pm
Friday: CrossFit 5:30pm. (Will be The Open 13.3 WOD!)

With this workout schedule, it leaves me 3 days that are free…and if I know what’s good for me, I should run on at least 2 of those days. The Toronto GoodLife Half Marathon is 48 days away (OH MY GOD!)….and I have yet to run a single training step (OH MY GOD!). This is not going to be good. I will be spending some time on Google tomorrow at lunch (while I enjoy my leftover corn chowder!) and searching for the world’s shortest half marathon training program!

Have you planned your meals and workouts for the week?  Got anything good on the menu?

Anyone out there have a nice short half marathon program they’d like to share?  I’m thinking I’m in big trouble here!


4 responses to “Back To Reality

  1. I modified Kathy’s program from last time – will send it to you later today, maybe you can use it…

    I’m not really looking forward to this race either 😦 thinking a new PR is out of the question. Now looking to get some runs in and have an ok run!


  2. j! ayson says:

    Haven’t planned any meals for the week, I think I’m winging it this week. Wish me luck! Workouts will pretty much be run and lift weights at home, not very exciting.
    I think the Crossfit workouts are definitely going to help you with your half marathon training, and in 48 days, that’s plenty of time to train.


    • cathyo says:

      I found out the hard way that I need to plan my meals. It just makes my life easier. I’m really hoping crossfit helps me run. I will find out this week as I finally take my first run! I optimistically nervous! LOL.


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