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The Friday Five

on March 22, 2013

Wohoo!  We made it to Friday! And you know what that means…it’s the weekend and it’s time for…
1.  Today was CrossFit Open Workout 13.3.  I am not actually competing in the games, but my box does the Open workouts on Fridays, and anyone who is at the class does the workout.  I just don’t record a score in the games.  Today’s workout was killer:

150 Wall Balls (Rx 14lbs)
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

This is actually the same workout as last years 12.4 Open Workout.  Doing it again this year will allow people to check their fitness improvement, since they can compare their scores to last year.  I wasn’t doing CrossFit last year, but I have done this workout before.  This was a regular WOD about a week after I joined CrossFit.  I did not love this workout then, and I definitely didn’t love it today!  Today I increased the weight of the med ball that I used from 8lbs the first time I did this WOD to 10 lbs today. That 2lbs killed me!  Last time I finished the wall balls and just started the double unders.  Today I only got 112 wall ball finished.  GAWD!!!  This made me feel like I haven’t gotten any stronger in the last month.  UGH…Oh well…just gives me more incentive to work even harder each day. 

2.  My half marathon training starts tomorrow!  This is a better late than never thing, since I am about 6 weeks late starting this training.  I still haven’t quite figured out my schedule, but my plan for tomorrow is to run home from my son’s hockey game.  The rink is about 5.5k away from our house.  I haven’t run 5k since the Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve.  I might have run one other 5k with my sister shortly after that, but that’s it.  I’m not expecting much out of tomorrow’s run.  I’m just hoping to take it fairly easy and make it home without hurting anything! 

start running 
3.  I need to eat healthier snacks.  I have been doing very well with my clean eating dinners – which give awesome leftover lunches – but my snacking has not been the greatest.  At work I tend to just go to the kitchen cupboards and grab whatever is in there which most times is not the healthiest.  Our office admin stocks the cupboards with cookies, mini chocolate bars, and other less-than-clean processed foods.  When my usual 3pm hunger comes on, i head to the kitchen and it is not good.  I need to be better prepared and have veggies and other healthy snacks that I can easily grab when the hunger strikes.  So, one of my goals for the weekend is to prepare some healthy, quick-grab snacks for work.  I’m going to pick up carrots, celery and snap peas, and get them all chopped and ready to go.  I’m also hoping to make some more of my dark chocolate date bars and no-bake coconut cookies too, for when I need a little chocolate fix!

4.  I’m sick of winter and all of this snow!  This winter seems to be going on forever.  Now that I am home from our ski vacation, all of this snow can go away!  I’m ready for sunshine, warm temperatures, sitting on the front patio with a beer, and golf!  I’m on the board for the golf league I play in, and we are starting to plan our summer. Opening day is May 7 (hey, I just realized that’s 2 days after my half marathon….so it really is coming soon!).  Hopefully all this CrossFit will be good for my game and make my swing stronger and my drives go further.  Fingers crossed!
go away winter

5.  Another “Feel Good” Video.  I saw this video today and thought it was just too good not to share.  #2 gets the award for “Best Assist EVER!”  I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Friday, everyone.
Got any big plans for the weekend?
Don’t forget to send positive run vibes my way tomorrow morning! 


6 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. italiancurly says:

    112 WB is good, especially since you went up in weight for the first time! I went up from 12 to 14 today for the first time (doing 13.3) and I only got 63 reps. I’m one of two people at my gym doing the open who didn’t get through the 150 wall balls…


    • cathyo says:

      Thanks. I wasn’t really sure how much the higher weight would impact me or if that was normal. I think I’m a ways away from being able to do wall balls with a 14lb ball! There were lots in my class that didn’t get through wall balls, so I didn’t feel too bad! I’m always in awe of the people who kill these workouts.


  2. j! ayson says:

    No big plans except my 12 mile run on Sunday. I’ll send some run vibes over but you gotta send some my way too k? I can’t wait til the marathon is done and I can dedicate time to Crossfit. I’m tired of the snow too!


  3. I’m sick of winter too! It is still freezing cold here. Goodluck with your half marathon training!
    I noticed you like videos:)


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