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Totally Random Tuesday

on March 26, 2013

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s time for another

Here are some of the random things going on in my world.

1. I’ve got 2 training runs under my belt. I ran just over 5k on both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s run started out sucking HUGE, but ended not too badly. Sunday’s run was pretty good. I didn’t hate it…and that’s a win in my books! My hips and hamstrings were killing me for a couple days. I had forgotten how much running messed with my body. Hopefully as I get back into it the aches and pains won’t be as bad. I’ve been foam rolling and trying to stretch a bit, and things seem back to normal now. My next run is scheduled for Friday. I’m actually looking forward to it!


2. I’ve got new CrossFit shoes! Most of my shoes are running shoes. These are not great shoes for CrossFit. Apparently they put your body weight more toward your toes and you want your weight in your heels for lifting. I had seen lots of people at the box wearing and talking about about Reebok Nanos. So, I did a bit of research online and and found the following on the Reebok website:

Product Information
Introducing the world’s first shoe designed and developed by and for CrossFitter’s. With enough stability to keep you grounded while lifting, a minimalist platform and enough cushioning for cardio and endurance movement, this lightweight training shoe is is the perfect PR breaking companion. U-Form technology gives this shoe a proven custom fit, and the carbon rubber outsole and side wall lug wraps provide durability for any movement. Now go climb a rope. (source:

On the weekend I hit the Reebok store just down the street and was happy to find they had the Nanos in stock. So, I am the proud owner of some sweet CrossFit shoes!


3. I took my new CrossFit shoes for a test drive tonight! I went to the 6:30 CrossFit class tonight. We started with some handstand push up work. Since this was a Fundamentals class, we were all pretty new to CrossFit and no one could really do a handstand pushup. Our coach worked with us and broke down the move. We started doing headstand tripods, moved onto lifting our legs off our knees, learning to kip into a plank from a headstand, and then progressed to trying to kip up the wall, and then finally doing a handstand. I can do the headstand tripod no problem, and raise my legs up. Kipping from a headstand to a handstand is hard, and I’m not really able to do it. I am able to step up into a handstand and do a little tiny push up. Now that I know what I should be doing, I can practice a bit at home and hopefully get better at them.

After working on the HSPU, we moved onto the WOD. The WOD today was 50 Kettlebell swings followed by a push up/pull up ladder of 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Because we took a bit longer than probably planned with our HSPU work, we only had about 10 minutes left in class for the WOD. Given this, our coach changed it to 25 swings and then the ladder. I can’t do a pull up yet, and either could lots of others in the class, so we did jumping pull ups. I had never done those before…they are way better/easier than pull ups with a band! I did my 25 swings (with a blue KB…not sure how much it weighs…I will have to check next time!) then worked through the ladder. It was tough and I was dripping by the time I finished. When I was done, there was still time left in the 10 minutes allotted for the workout, so I did another 25 swings to get the full 50 of the original WOD. I finished in 9:12…and my new shoes were awesome!

4. My healthy snacks are hitting the spot!. On the weekend I made no bake chocolate coconut cookies and dark chocolate date bars. Having these at work as a healthy snack option is awesome. It satisfies my hunger and both of these are like having a treat.


Now, as usual, it is late and I need to get to bed. I’ve got another busy day at work tomorrow and I’m hitting CrossFit for the 7:30pm class, so I need a good night’s sleep!

Until tomorrow! Hope your Tuesday was Totally Random!

Do you have any special CrossFit workout gear? I’m loving my new shoes! I think I might need to get a CrossFit t-shirt next!


4 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. jsresults says:

    Awesome awesome awesome! Nothing but good points shouted out through this whole post! Keep up these positive vibes!


  2. Sweet training shoes!!! 🙂
    New workout gears definitely keep us motivated!!! 🙂


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