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Easter Weekend and a Big Decision

on March 31, 2013

Happy Easter, everyone! 


Hope you are having a good Easter weekend.  We took a quick trip down to London on Friday to have a visit with my mother-in-law. While we were there we went for a walk down at SpringBank Park.  The kids wanted to climb trees and play so we walked and met them after.  Of course, after our walk, the kids weren’t where they were supposed to be, so we took another walk to look for them.  I found them sitting by the river, whittling sticks, watching the ducks and geese.  They looked pretty cute…kind of like a couple of little old men. 

my little old men

Saturday I went to the 9am CrossFit.  The WOD was 2 strength moves:
          WOD mar 30

This was another Fundamentals only class, so everyone there was pretty new to CrossFit.  We focused mainly on the Back Squat and would get to the Shoulder Press if there was time.  I had done back squats before, with the most recent being a few weeks ago, when I got up to 85 lbs.  Yesterday, I got to 100lbs!  I was super happy with that.  I probably could have done more, but didn’t want to push it and get hurt.  For my 70% max effort set, I lifted 75 lbs for 18 reps.  I have no idea if that is 70% of my 1 rep max.  I don’t know what my 1 rep max weight is yet!  Hopefully one day soon I get to figure that out! 

I didn’t have much time to spend on the shoulder press, but did manage to get a few sets in. This was my first time doing pure shoulder presses.  My coach gave me some instruction on how to do the press and then I was off.  I managed to get to 55lbs.  I wish I could lift more, but my upper body is still pretty weak.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lot stronger than I used to be, but still have a ways to go. 

I will get to put my upper body to work again on Monday, when the WOD is Barbara:
barbara WOD

This workout sounds killer!  I hit Google to get an idea of how long this might take me to complete.  While searching I came upon this great article about some of the CrossFit “Girls”, including Barbara.  I think it’s interesting to see the thought behind the workouts.  I have only done Fran so far, so I’m looking forward to giving Barbara a try tomorrow.  I’ve heard the sit-ups are the killer part of this workout.  For me, I’m pretty sure the whole thing will be killer.  Pull-ups and push-ups are tough for me – you know, given that whole upper body weakness thing I’ve got going on! 

Now, it’s Sunday and I am supposed to run today.  This stupid half marathon is only 35 days away.  I have only run 5k twice.  I keep trying to convince myself to run.  But, you know what….I don’t want to run.  Running is not easy for me.  I don’t have a natural stride.  I have short little stumpy legs.  I trod along and every step is hard work.  I just don’t feel like running.  And at this point, I don’t really think I can realistically be ready to run 21.1km in only 5 weeks.  I don’t want to get hurt by over-doing it, and I can already feel the ache in my hip coming back from only two 5km runs. 

The race seemed like a good idea when I agreed and signed up with my sister back in January.  The hope was we would get to run together and have some good chats while we ran – just like we did when we trained for the Niagara Half last summer/fall.  However, we are only 5 weeks away and we have yet to run together once.  We are just both too busy with work, family and other things to fit in runs together.   

As I was lying in bed this morning, trying to convince myself to get up and go for a run, I came to a realization.  Why should I force myself to do something in my spare time that I don’t find fun or enjoy?  I have so little free time as it is, it just seems silly to fill it with something that just causes me stress.  I have enough stress with work and keeping things on track in the rest of my life, I don’t need to add more stress to my life with the things that are supposed to be relieving my stress!  So, I think I will just sit this one out.  I will use my free time for things that I enjoy and make me happy:  CrossFit, golf, ball hockey, cooking clean meals for my family, and playing with my kids.  I’m not saying I won’t run again, but if I do, it will be because I want to, not because I have to

2 things

Once I finally did get out of bed, this is what I had waiting for me at the breakfast table:

photo (3)
The Easter Bunny had been and he knows how much I love Mini Eggs.  He was much more sensible this year and only left me a 200g bag instead of the 1kg bag he left last year!  I will try to limit myself to only a few at a time, but I won’t be surprised if I over-indulge and eat the whole bag in one sitting!  The darn things are just sooooooo good!  I also got a little 4 pack of caramel bunnies.  I think I will take these to work to enjoy one a day as a treat in the afternoon. 

We enjoyed a yummy Easter breakfast this morning.  The kids had put in a request for hubby’s waffles and they were just as delicious as always.  I enjoyed mine with a little bit of Nutella, some whip cream and strawberries.  Such a great way to start the day!
photo (4)

Now, I think I will watch some golf, read a book, plan my meals for the week, and just relax.

How has your weekend been?  Did the Easter Bunny leave you some yummy treats?

Have you ever decided to not run a race you had signed up for?


9 responses to “Easter Weekend and a Big Decision

  1. I haven’t ever entered a race because I’m really not sure it’s something I would enjoy, and I’m not intrigued enough about them to really feel comfortable enough to give it a go. However, I did sign up for spin classes, went to the first one, and really didn’t feel at all like it was a good fit for me, which is kind of the same thing. This time of year is hard to train for races, as if you’re like me and don’t particularly like running on ice, training outside gets pretty hard.


    • cathyo says:

      weather did play a part of it at the beginning and then i just couldn’t get my head into it. i would rather go do a Crossfit workout than go for a run. I’ve just decided to stop torturing myself over it.


      • When it comes to exercise, you have to do what makes you happy otherwise you’re not going to reap the benefits of it. If that’s crossfit (which I can tell from your blog it is), go for it! I’m glad you’re not torturing yourself over it. ❤


  2. j! ayson says:

    There are a couple races I signed up for that I really didn’t want to run. It probably would’ve been better for me not to run, the races were quite unpleasant. I’m definitely struggling with this marathon training but I keep thinking if I don’t do it now, it’ll only get harder.
    I think you made a good decision. why do it I’d it’s not enjoyable. I’m still waiting for that runners high, hehe.
    No Easter goodies for me, but I may have some dark chocolate.


  3. Good for you for making that call, 5 week is very ambitious , and crossfit seems like it’s your “special thing” !


    • cathyo says:

      Yeah, just being realistic…i don’t think zero to half is possible in 5 weeks…not without doing some damage and being completely miserable…and that’s not the point of the whole thing. I’ll stick to CrossFit for now and who knows…maybe run something in the fall…or maybe not!


  4. italiancurly says:

    Awesome job with the back squats! I know what you mean about running, I kind of burned myself out with it. The next time I go for a run it will be because I feel like it, not because I “should.” Barbara looks terrible– how long did it take you? I’ve never done it, but it wouldn’t be pretty!


    • cathyo says:

      I’m with you on the want not should with running. I feel so relieved to not “have” to run. I’m going to focus on the things that I like and forget the rest! Barbara was…killer, but awesome!


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