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Barbara Is No Joke!

on April 2, 2013

Happy April Fools! 

Today was a pretty normal day.. I wasn’t involved in any April Fools shenanigans, work was good (especially the drive to and from – gotta love semi-stat holiday traffic!), and tonight I hit CrossFit.

Today’s CrossFit WOD was Barbara. 

I had read a bit online about how awful Barbara can be.  I even read that “Pukie” often makes an appearance during Barbara. 

I’d seen the Pukie avatar (just the head without the puke!) on the CrossFit games website, but I didn’t quite know what it was.  Now I know!  I am happy to say that Pukie did NOT make an appearance during my workout!

We did a good warm up and then we broke down the workout, and got set up.  I used a blue band for the pull-ups since there is no way in hell I would be able to do 100 pull-ups without it!  Our coach modified the workout slightly.  I guess in earlier classes, by the time the group got through the warm up, they weren’t finishing the WOD within the hour class.  So, instead of 5 rounds for time, with 3 minutes rest in between, we had 35 minutes total to do the as many rounds as we could.. 

Other than the pull-ups, which are killer for me, even with a big, fat, blue band, the rest of the WOD was hard, but awesome!  I did well on the push-ups (from my knees) – knocking off the first set of 30 straight!  Wohoo! The sit-ups and squats were actually not too bad…there were just so many of them!

I had a slight brain fart in being so excited to get back to the pull-ups, I took my break before I did my squats in the first round.  God, at some point I need to have enough brain left during my workout to count and follow the program!  Anyways, I got back on track and managed to get into the 4th round, completing the pull-ups, push-ups and 28 sit-ups before the 35 minutes were up.   I think if I had another 10 minutes, I would have been able to complete the whole true workout.  Hopefully I get to do this WOD again and I can see how long it takes me to finish the real Barbara workout. 

This workout once again reinforced my lack of upper body strength…mainly my pull-ups.  They suck!  I am going to work very hard to improve this.  My push-ups are getting better, so hopefully before too long my pull-ups get better too!  I may have to check out some iPhone apps and see if I can find a pull-up app that might help me improve.  And maybe I need to get one of these for my basement: (I must be nuts!)
pullup bar

Now, I’m sitting on my couch, writing my blog and watching all the shows we taped tonight.  Gotta love the PVR!  With the ability to skip through commercials, we were able to watch The Following (love, love, love that show), as well as House of Lies and Californication (love, love, love David Duchovny!). 

Once again it’s late, and I need to go to bed.  Story of my life! 

Have you ever done Barbara?  She is one tough bitch!\

Do you know of a good “learn to pull-up” app for iPhone? 


One response to “Barbara Is No Joke!

  1. evetheatheist says:

    Oh boy… sounds like you killed this one!!! Good job!


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