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My Kid Can Kip!

on April 13, 2013

Today was a pretty good day.

I started my morning off with a kick ass CrossFit class. Today we did Power Snatches as our strength training move. I had only done snatches once before. Today I added a bit of weight, but still only lifted 45 lbs. I was really focussing on my technique for the snatch since there is a lot going on in this lift.

I can’t lift very much for the snatch yet, but I really like the move. There’s just something about getting that bar from the ground to overhead in one smooth move that I like. Hopefully I will get stronger and be able to lift more.

After the strength work, we moved onto today’s WOD. Today’s WOD had 2 moves…the snatch and knees to elbows. It was a ladder progression of 1snatch,1 KTE,2,2,3,3,4,4…etc, for a 10 minute AMRAP. I dropped back to 35 lbs for the WOD, since the 45 was a bit of a challenge, and there would be more reps as we got further into the WOD. I managed to do 8 full rounds, plus 9 snatches and 2 KTE (which were more like KTB – knees to boobs – since I can’t do a full KTE yet!). This WOD left me an exhausted, sweaty mess….I loved it! It also left me with my second CrossFit mark of the week…

That’s my first CrossFit rip! Really it’s not bad compared to what I’ve seen people do to their hands, but still, it’s my first, and I’m proud of it!

After CrossFit I went shopping. Not for shoes or clothes, but for CrossFit equipment so I could practice a few of my weaker moves at home. During a web search, I found a store down in Markham that had what I needed, so Hubs and I headed down to The Treadmill Factory. It was a very successful trip…here’s what I got:

That’s a sweet cable skipping rope and a full fledged CrossFit pull-up bar! So exciting!!!

Once we got home, it was time to try out all my new toys. The rope is great. I think I’ve got I cut down to the right length. I’ve left a bit just in case. I will check with the coaches next time I’m at CrossFit. I did a few trial skips and got up to 12 in a row…and some pretty decent slashes on my forearms!

After adjusting and trying the rope, I moved onto assembling the pull-up bar. This thing is pretty heavy duty. We finally managed to find a spot for it in the basement, and then McGuyver’d a way to connect it to the wall. A few 2×4’s and we were good to go!

I tried it a few times, doing a couple of KTB’s and practiced kipping, but didn’t get much further than that. My son Jack enjoyed playing on it. I explained how to kip and he was a natural. After a couple of practice swings, here’s what the little guy did:

Jacko kips it! Totally awesome!

Seriously, isn’t that kip (and kid) amazing!  And he went right into the pull-up!  Man, I would kill to be able to do that!  But that’s exactly why I bought the bar…so I can practice and hopefully by the end of the summer be able to do it.  My sister, Erin, found a “learn to pull up” program and I think I will give it a try.  I didn’t start today, since my shoulders are killing me from today’s WOD!

Tomorrow is a rest day – yay!  I need to plan my meals for the week, and get groceries.  If I have time, I will try to do some more double-under practicing.   I need to remember to wear long sleeves, so I don’t slash my forearms all up again!

Now, I’m going to sign off, watch some SNL, and maybe a few more episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix.  That show is hilarious.  I have no idea why we didn’t watch it more when it was on TV the first time.  Oh well…now we can fly through a bunch of episodes back to back with no commercials.  So far, we are liking Netflix!

Hope Saturday was good to you!

Can your kids kick your ass in some of these killer CrossFit moves?


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