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The Friday Five

on April 19, 2013

Another week is over, and Friday is here!


1.  It has been a crazy week in the world.  Like everyone else, I was shocked and saddened by the horrific events at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  As soon as I found out I texted my friend Kathy since I knew members of her running group were running Boston.  Thankfully all of her friends were fine.  Others were not as lucky.  It is absolutely horrible and still hard to believe.  My thoughts are with all who were impacted by the initial explosions and now as Boston is under lock-down during the manhunt for those responsible. 

boston strong

2.  I did a killer WOD this morning!  Since I’m busy tonight and tomorrow, I had to hit the Box this morning before work to get my 3rd CrossFit class of the week in.  So, I set my alarm for 6:15, got up, had my Ionix Supreme, went back upstairs and tried to do something to control my crazy-ass morning hair, put my contacts in and headed back down to make my breakfast shake.  Normally I wouldn’t eat before going to the Box, but since I was cleansing yesterday and didn’t eat anything aside from the cleanse juice, I figured I might need a bit of nutrition before doing the WOD.  I drank my shake on the drive to the Box.  I’m starting to get used to the’s not horrible, it’s just not the same as the smoothies I usually make (with yogurt & fruit). 

The WOD today was tough…really tough!  At a quick glance, it doesn’t look that bad: 15-12-9 Overhead Squats and Ring Dips.  I had never done an overhead squat before, and the other people in the class hadn’t don’t them that often, so we took some time to breakdown the move and find a good weight to use for the WOD.  Same general principals as a regular squat, but with the bar held overhead.  This ads a whole new element to the squat…you need to have a tight core to help support the weight overhead and keep the bar stable.  I started with just the training bar, then added 5lbs to each side – 25lbs total.  That felt okay, so I thought I would jump to 35lbs.  That felt MUCH tougher.  It actually made me nervous to have it over my head as I was very unstable, so I only did 2 squats at this 35lb level and then dropped back to 30lbs.  That felt much better and I could concentrate on all the different things I needed to think about and do during the lift. 

My coach watched a few and asked me how it felt.  He said it looked good and asked me to go to 35 for a few so he could see them.  I was nervous, but went ahead and put the 10’s back on to get back up to 35.  It didn’t feel as bad as the first time I tried the 35.  Justin said they looked good and thought I should use that weight for the WOD.  I was a bit unsure, but he told me to trust in myself.  “you got this” he said.  So, I gave it a try!

15-12-9 with an 8 minute cap.  I was nervous about doing the 35lb overhead squats and ring dips are really tough for me.  I got my purple band set up since I can’t do them unassisted yet.  (God, when will I get some decent upper body strength!)  We got the countdown and then we were off.  Those overhead squats were tough…really tough!  But, I managed to do all 3 rounds at 35lbs – yay!.  I had different weights close by in case I needed to drop down after the first set.  I don’t love ring dips and today did not change my opinion of them!  I was the last one done the WOD (small class of only 4 people this morning), and it was all I could do to finish within the 8 minutes.  Justin was cheering me on for the last round.  Telling me to break my squats down into sets of three and then the same with the ring dips.  It was getting tight and I only had 20 seconds left to do my last 3 ring dips.  I just made it!  7:59!!!  Phew!!!

3.  I’m playing hockey this weekend.  I’m playing with with my friend Lisa – who I call Lazer, since she made the mistake of wearing her bowling shirt to hockey one night with Lazer written on it! – and my sister, but other than those two, I have no idea who else is in the team.  It should be a fun weekend with a minimum of 3 games, and if we do well, there is the potential for 5 games total.  I’m interested to see how my energy level is over the weekend since I will still be doing my cleanses and having shakes for breakfast and lunches. 
lets play hockey

4.  I am loving all the extra sleep I am getting!  Really, it isn’t all that much more, but I think it is making a big difference in how I’m feeling.  Hopefully I can keep up the trend and head to bed a a decent hour every night. 

sleep is good
5.  I found another dancing video!  Enjoy…The guy in the video is sure having a good time!

Vacation boogie!

Happy  Friday!

Got any big plans for the weekend?


3 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. That video is hilarious!!! I love the guy’s energy. Lol!
    Happy Friday!


  2. That’s so great you were able to do the 35 lbs! It’s good when someone tells you, “you got this!”


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