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The Friday Five

on May 3, 2013

It’s Friday – YAY!!! – and the end of an insanely hectic week. 

Let’s get to it…


1.  I am so looking forward to the weekend!  I had one of the busiest weeks ever.  I had something going on outside the house every night and I felt like a chicken with my head cut off running from place to place all week.  I’m looking forward to sleeping in a bit and taking things at a more relaxed pace the next 2 days.
relax its the weekend

2.  Tomorrow I am spending the day with my sister Erin and we are going to scrapbook! In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day!  Back in 1994, Creative Memories decided that the first Saturday in May should be declared National Scrapbook Day.  On this day, scrapbookers gather together and celebrate their passion for Scrapbooking.  Erin and I are going to an event hosted by our Creative Memories consultant, Karen, and I can’t wait.  I am so far behind in my scrapping, it’s not funny.  Hopefully I get a chance tonight to try to get organized so I can jump right into it tomorrow.

3.  Tonight I will squeeze in my 3rd CrossFit WOD in 3 days!  My CrossFit membership allows me 3 classes per week (Monday –Saturday, Sunday is a rest day as the Box is closed). With my hectic week, it turned out that the 3 days I could fit in a class were Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.  This will be the first time I have done 3 days in a row.  So far my body is keeping up.  Here’s what the WOD’s have looked like:

On Wednesday, the toughest part was the pull ups.  We did jumping pull ups, to help work on the top of the pull up and these are definitely easier than doing band assisted, but they were still hard work.  I finished in 19:55 and was quite happy to be under 20 minutes.  Yesterday, the snatches were okay.  We started with practicing the snatch, since it is a pretty complex movement.  I’m still getting used to it, but was able to get up to 50lbs this time.  I’m sure I could do more, but I’m really focusing on the technique, so don’t want to push it.  For the actual WOD I dropped back to 35lbs, since there were so many in a row.  I finished in 4:32.  Tonight before the walking lunges, we are working on our front squats.  I like these.  I’m looking forward to getting back to the Box and and lifting heavy shit! 

4.  I am 2 weeks and 2 days into my Isagenix cleanse, and feeling great.  I have been doing well with 2 shakes and one healthy, clean meal a day, plus a few allowable snacks between meals.  I am maintaining at 8lbs down, but I think I’m still losing inches as my pants are fitting looser and things “look” slimmer.  I will have to check when the next measurement day is…it might be tomorrow!  If it is, I will give an update. 
isagenix logo

5.  Here’s a Friday Funny for you.  I saw this on Facebook and thought it was pretty funny.  I”d never seen anything like this before. It’s hilarious!  Hope you like it too.

Nina Conti at the Apollo

Here’s a little bonus one….I thought I may have found another great dancing video.  She has to work for it, but in the end the guy busts a teeny, tiny move. 

Let your dance out!

So, we survived another week and now we get to enjoy two glorious days off.  The weather in my neck of the woods in going to be awesome, so hopefully I get a chance to get outside a bit and enjoy the sunshine and warm temps.

Have a great weekend!
Got any big plans?


2 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. j! ayson says:

    The WODs sound so intimidating! I still can’t see myself being physically capable to get through the works. Can’t wait to get stronger and lift heavy.
    This weekend I’m hoping I can get put for a couple runs. It’ll give me a good indication whether it not I can go for the 1/2 marathon next month.


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