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It’s A Beautiful Day To Go GOLFING!

on May 7, 2013

I am very excited.  Today is the first night of my EWGA York-Simcoe golf league.  Once again, we are playing out of Cardinal Golf Club’s RedCrest course.

It’s a tough course, so it is always a challenge, but still lots of fun.  We have got 64 ladies coming out for our opening night event.  It should be a good time.

Since tonight is the start of my golf season, I thought it would be a good time to put my golf goals for the summer out there. So, here they are:

  1. Shoot 50 or under on a league night.  This was one of my goals last year as well.  I came close, with a 51 one night, but never cracked the 50 mark. Hopefully this year will be my year.
  2. Win Chapter Championships with my Scramble Team.  This one should be fairly achievable, since last year we were the only scramble team in our chapter, so we qualified for Sectionals just by finishing our round.  We may have some competition this year as our chapter is growing.  We will know in a few weeks.  My team has some issues to sort out with respect to membership since one of last year’s members knows she won’t be able to play in sectionals as she will be away on a course and can’t miss school or change the date. So, we are trying to find a replacement player.  We think we have one lined up, and hopefully we will get that all sorted out tonight when we all see each other.
  3. Become more consistent with my driver.  I play golf left handed and have a fairly good slice a lot of the time when I strike the ball.  This means the ball goes out and then hangs a pretty good “left” and curves away.  This often puts me in trouble as I am not in the fairway. My goal for the year is to get rid of the slice.  I changed my grip a bit last year and that seemed to help.  This year I am also going to see if ball position in my stance makes a difference.  This one will be tough, but if I can figure it out, it will do nothing but good things for my game.

I could come up with a lot more golf related goals, since I’ve got many things that need improvement, but I don’t need to overwhelm myself.  If I cross these off early in the season, I can always add a few more things to my list later.

Last night I was back at the Box for another WOD.  My knees and ass had finally recovered from Friday’s killer WOD, and I was ready to get back at it!  The WOD last night was “Nancy” a benchmark WOD.  This was 400m run and 15 Overhead Squats, 5 rounds for time.  This workout actually wasn’t too bad.  The worst part of it was how much my wrists hurt during the OHS.  The squats weren’t bad at all, and I’m sure I could have lifted more weight as I seem to have the form down for this one, but my wrists absolutely kill. So, I only did 35 lbs again.  On my last set of OHS, I borrowed a set of wrist wraps from the guy behind me who had already finished.  When I came in from my last run I saw his wraps laying on the floor.  He wasn’t around to ask, but I grabbed them and threw them on anyways.  Man, what a difference.  I was able to plough through the 15 without much trouble at all.  Once my wrists didn’t kill, I was able to keep the bar nice and still and things felt great.  I finished in 22:19 (I think..or something around there).  I’m not breaking any speed records with my WOD times, but at least I’m getting them done!

After class I bought myself a set of wraps.  I think it’s $30 well spent.  Hopefully I get to use them on Thursday when I’m back at the box for my next WOD.
wrist wraps
I tried another new clean eating recipe last night…this one from the June 2013 issue that I just came into my Zinio account over the weekend.

I made the Turkey Zucchini Burgers with Tahini sauce, salsa and feta…and they were AMAZING!
I did all the prep work Sunday night…made the turkey zucchini patties, prepared the tahini sauce, and got the salsa ready.  All that was left to do yesterday was grill the burgers and assemble into a pita pocket.
Image (2)(the sauce doesn’t look that pretty, but it sure was tasty!)

The final product was absolutely delicious. The kids and hubby all gave two thumbs up for this meal.  I will definitely be making these again…soon!
photo (8)

Do you use wrist wraps when you lift?  Do you find they make a difference?
Have a great Tuesday!


2 responses to “It’s A Beautiful Day To Go GOLFING!

  1. evetheatheist says:

    The wraps made a difference, eh? I have wondered about them. So far no pain or troubles with my wrists while lifting…but really good to know! Thanks!!


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