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The Friday Five

on May 10, 2013

It’s Friday…it’s Friday…it’s Friday!!!!  Can you tell I’m excited it’s the weekend.

Let’s get right to it…here is this week’s Friday Five!

1.  It’s been another busy week.  I have had 5 days of exercise and I am looking forward to a few days off this weekend.  Here’s how my week of workouts looked:

Monday:  CrossFit: WOD was Nancy.  It was hard, but awesome…as always!
Tuesday:  Golf league opening night.  Didn’t play all that well, but had some great shots once in a while and had fun with my friends, and that’s what it’s all about!
Wednesday:  Ball hockey.  This was a fun workout, and we won 3-0.  I got 2 assists and a goal, which made it even more fun!
Thursday:  CrossFit:  Strength work was 20 minutes to find 2 rep max snatch.  I think I got up to 60lbs.  Still not lifting quite a much as I probably can, but a new max for me and I was still able to have good form.  I was able to use my new wrist wraps and was glad I spent the $30 on them…my wrists were very happy!  The WOD was 10 min AMRAP:  10 one arm DB thrusters Right arm, 10 one are DB snatch with alternating arms, 10 DB thrusters left arm.  I got through 4 full rounds, plus 10 right side thrusters.  I used a 20lb DB and was proud of myself for doing full squats, all the way down, for each and every one of my DB thrusters.
Friday:  CrossFit:  Strength was 20 mins to find 5 rep max bench press.  I was able to do 75lbs tonight.  Not my best (I got to 85lbs before, but only for 3 reps), but I was still pretty happy with it.  Then we had a 1 set at 70% 1rep max, to failure.  I used 65lbs for this and was able to crank out 17reps.  The last couple were a very big challenge, but I guess that’s how it should be.  The WOD was killer. 12 minute AMRAP Ascending ladder 1,1,2,2,3,3 etc of pushups and med ball cleans.  I’d never done a med ball clean.  They were kind of fun, and once again, I was proud of myself for doing full squats for each and every clean.  As if this wasn’t going to be tough enough, every minute on the minute we had to do 5 burpees.  In the 12 minutes, I got through 8 full rounds, plus 7 pushups for 79 total reps….plus 60 burpees.  GOD…all these WODs lately have been killer.  I was a sweaty mess at the end of the 12 minutes.  But you know what they say….
what doens't kill you

I’m not dead yet, so hopefully I’m getting stronger!!

2.  I have no workouts planned for this weekend!  I crammed my 3 CrossFit classes into the weekdays so I don’t have to go to the box this weekend.  I did this mainly because my Box is moving to a new home this weekend.  The current Box is about 2000 square feet (which includes the lobby and office area).  There is one washroom and no shower or change room.  The new space, which is just behind the current space, is 9000 glorious square feet.  The new space has 2 gyms in it, plus change rooms and showers.  I haven’t seen it yet, but from what we’ve been told and by the pics that they are posting as they have been working on the new Box, it is going to be awesome!  I will get to see it first hand Monday night at 8:30 for my usual Monday night class.  While I don’t have an official class to go to, I may take this opportunity to get some double under practice in and maybe work on my kips.  I’ve kind of been slacking on these, so should make an effort to get down to the basement to practice.
3.  I get to sleep in this weekend!  With no CrossFit class tomorrow morning I get to sleep in!  This makes me so happy.  I have not been having the greatest sleeps this week.  We’ve got the windows open since the weather has been so nice.  The fresh air is wonderful, but the birds are killing me.  They start at about 4am and despite trying to ignore them and just roll over and go back to sleep, it is not happening for me.  It has cooled off a bit, and it’s raining here today, so I’ve closed the windows and got the blinds closed tight, so hopefully a nice quiet, dark room will lead to a wonderfully peaceful, long night’s sleep.  Fingers crossed.
sleeping-in1 (1)

4.  This week’s funny.  I don’t have a funny dance video this week, but I do have something that made me laugh, and hopefully you get a smile or chuckle out of it too.  This is from earlier this week at a Fresno Grizzlies ball game.  This is kiss cam gone bad.  Enjoy!

Just kiss her!

5.  As I write this, we are 9 minutes into the 3rd period of the Toronto – Boston game…..and my Leafs are winning 2-0.  I’m going to sign off and enjoy the last 10 minutes of the game, devoting 100% of my attention to the Boys in Blue.  Come on boys, you can do it!
04 GoLeafsGo

Here’s to a great weekend.
Got any big plans?

Damn…Boston just scored to get it to 2-1 Toronto….oh boy! 


3 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. j! ayson says:

    Your WODS sound so intense! I learned at my last class that the gym/box I go to doesn’t follow “traditional” Crossfit. Not sure what that means though. My coaches have participated in Crossfit games so there has to be alot of similarities. You and I will have to compare.


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