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Snacks, Shoes, and a Snooze

on May 11, 2013

Happy Saturday, peeps!  Hope all is well on this fine day. 

Despite a strong desire, I didn’t get the sleep-in I was hoping for today.  I woke up around 8am and couldn’t get back to sleep.  That’s still an hour and a half later than my normal weekday wake-up, so I can’t really complain.  And I did enjoy lying in bed, staying cozy under the covers, just chillin”.

I tried a few new snacks this week. My sister had won a Twitter giveaway a while ago and gave me a few samples to try. 

I’d never heard of this brand – I think it’s “Simply”.  The one of the left was a protein bar made with whey protein crisps.  It was quite tasty and full of nutrients. At 150 calories, the bar packed 15g protein, 5g fibre, and 4g sugar.  They claim that it is suitable for specialized diets, including gluten free, peanut free, kosher, vegetarian and it’s low in sodium.  This was the apple cinnamon flavour and it was pretty tasty.  I ate this on the way to golf Tuesday afternoon, to give me a little boost to carry me over until dinner after our round.  I will have to check if my sister has any of these left and steal a few more if I can.

The second snack was a protein chip made with pea protein.  These were spicy little crisps that definitely had a chili kick!  I was surprised at how many chips there were in the bag, since it felt very light.  The entire bag of ships was only 140 calories, and packed 15g of protein, only 2g of sugar.  The fibre content of the chips wasn’t quite as good as the bar, at only 1g.  I enjoyed this bag of chips yesterday while I was running an errand yesterday afternoon.  They were pretty good and I did enjoy the spicy kick, but I can imagine that it might be too hot for some people. 

I’ve got one more bag of chips in my office at work.  I think they are and herb and garlic flavour.  I might give them a try on Tuesday on my drive to the golf course. 

This afternoon we hit the mall to pick up a few things.  Hubs needed some new shoes for work and cleats for baseball and my son needed some new shorts.  While hubs looked for his shoes, I snuck into the Crocs store to see about some new flip flops.  I’ve been wearing my current pair for a few years now and they have absolutely no tread left, so are a bit of a death trap when on wet, slick surfaces.  I found a suitable replacement for the flops, and also found a cute little pair of top-sider style shoes that I think will look cute with shorts and capris.  I was quite please with my purchases!
Image (1)

Now I’m home watching some of the TPC Golf.  The horn just went to pull the players off the course due to threat of lightening.  This seems like a perfect time to maybe take a little siesta. Smile

But, before I sign off, here’s a little video that I thought was just awesome.  It’s cute, it’s got some Bon Jovi, and a couple of pretty good singers – who have also got some good dance moves!  I love how the wife is laughing her head off in the car.   Enjoy!

From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Hope you are having a great Saturday.
Make any good purchases today?

PS…did you see my Leafs hang on to beat the Bruins last night?  Game 6 is back in Toronto tomorrow night.  Can’t wait!  GO LEAFS GO!!!
go leafs go


2 responses to “Snacks, Shoes, and a Snooze

  1. evetheatheist says:

    Congrats on your Maples Leaves making it so far!! 😉 I jest…must be super exciting! I am a Canuck’s fan and quite accustomed to loosing! LOL!!


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