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My Day In Pictures

on May 12, 2013

It’s the end of another weekend.  Sad smile

I hope all the moms out there enjoyed their day.
Mother's Day (2)

My day started with a bit of a sleep in, waking to gifts from hubby and the boys.  Hubby got me a book that we learned about on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  It’s written by David Sedaris and we really could not tell from the interview what the book was about, but the stories that Sedaris was telling sounded pretty funny and we were intrigued.  I laughed when I looked in the bag and saw the book there. 

photo (10)

I also got a gift card to Lululemon.  Whatever I buy with this $100 gift card will be my first EVER Lulu purchase.  photo (9)

I have looked at the website and there are lots of things that I would like, but at the top of the list is a pair of Studio pants.  Just about everyone that I know who owns anything Lulu has at least 1 pair of these and I know a few people with multiple pairs.  I’m told that no matter what your shape or size, Lulu’s studio pants make your ass look great.  I think I will put that theory to the test! 
studio pant

Along with the book and Lulu gift card, my Mother’s Day also included dinner out at Glow Fresh Grill.  Hubs picked this restaurant since it was an option that came up when he searched Clean Eating restaurants in Toronto.  I thought that it was very sweet that he thought to find a healthier place to go for dinner as he knows I am trying to eat clean and healthy.  I have actually been to this restaurant before with folks from work.  We do birthday lunches and one year on my birthday I chose this restaurant for it’s healthy options as well! 

Dinner reservations were early, 5:45, so we would have time to eat and be back home in time to watch the Leafs – Bruins Game 6.  Although it was freezing today (it rained, snowed, hailed and was generally a miserable day here), I still wore my new Crocs that I got yesterday.   They are comfy and cute, and as I was hoping, work perfectly with my boyfriend jeans! 

photo (8)

Dinner was good. We started with some complimentary dips and crackers.  There were 3 varieties of hummus – beet, garlic, and carrot.  The garlic and carrot were the most popular!  Before we knew we were getting the complimentary dips, we had already ordered some edamame and a veggie flatbread as appetizers.

photo (7)photo (5)photo (12)

Jackson loves, and I mean LOVES edamame.  I think he ate half of that huge platter himself!

photo (4)

For my main, I chose a Thai curry bowl with chicken, bok choy, and bean sprouts. I had them hold the mushrooms that were supposed to be included. The dish was okay, not great, but okay.  Now that I look at the menu again to see exactly what I ordered, I realized that there actually wasn’t any bok choy in the dish, but there were a lot of tomatoes instead.  So, not quite what the menu said, but still okay. 

photo (11)

I didn’t get pics of what everyone else ordered, but hubs had a beef stir-fry that he said was also okay, but not great, Jacko had a Caesar salad, and Nick had linguini with tomato sauce that he said didn’t have much flavour (once he added some hot pepper flakes and a bunch more parmesan cheese, he said it was okay). 

So, although everything looked great, we were all a little disappointed in the flavours of our dinners.  To hopefully make up for this, the boys said they “saved room” for a chocolate fondue! 

photo (14)

The fondue – which was on the menu as a “fondue for two” – was just the perfect size.  It came with strawberries, mango, pineapple, white chocolate and dark chocolate almond bark, and some biscotti.  It was very good and was the perfect end to the meal.  Everyone enjoyed it…especially Nick, who practically licked the bowl! 

photo (1)

After dinner, we booted it back up the 404 to get home and watch the game.  Jacko quickly changed into his “cheering outfit” – boxers and his Leafs jersey! 

photo (2)

His outfit seemed to do the trick as the Boys in Blue played an awesome game and defeated the Bruins 2-1 (Boston got a goal in the final minute of the game, but the Leafs managed to hang on for the win).  Now, Game 7 will be tomorrow at 7pm.  This is not great, since I’ve got CrossFit at 8:30 and will miss a good chunk of the game Sad smile  I may seriously have to consider changing my class time so I can watch the whole game.  ….yep, made the decision and changed to the 7pm class.  I will miss the first period, but be able to see the 2nd and 3rd. 
04 GoLeafsGo

I’m excited to get back to the Box tomorrow as it will be the first day in the new gym space.  The coaches worked hard over the weekend to get things all moved over and ready for the big unveil tomorrow.  I can’t wait to see how the new space looks.  They have been posting pics over the weekend as they make progress on getting things ready, and tonight posted a ton of pictures of how the ready space looks….see here…it’s awesome!   I particularly like the signs for the men’s and ladies’ washrooms.  Aren’t they great! (it’s a panoramic pic, so a little skewed, but aren’t the weightlifting figures fantastic!)

murph and franNot quite sure what the WOD will be tomorrow.  I’m sure it will be killer….they all seem to be.  But I’m ready for it.  Love, Love, Love my CrossFit!

Hope you all had a great weekend.
Here’s hoping the week flies by as we’ve got a long weekend coming up here in Canada!



3 responses to “My Day In Pictures

  1. losing50laps says:

    Looks yummy. I might have to try those pants…..


  2. leannenalani says:

    Oooh Lululemon. Never shopped there but it’s so dang popular they must have good stuff! I’m with Jackson – Edamame is the bomb. We have a long weekend coming up the last week of May. 4 days, can’t go wrong.


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