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I Survived…Barely!

on May 13, 2013

So, as I mentioned today in my earlier post, today’s WOD was The Filthy Fifty:

filthy-fifty (1)

This was my first workout in the new Box.  It is an amazing space!  Ryan and Michele did an amazing job.  The new space has 2 gym areas, a personal training area, a kid zone, showers, a lounge area, and a ton of new equipment.  It was very exciting to be part of the first day, with a killer workout that used so many different pieces of equipment.  Nothing like putting the new space to the test by having 2 separate classes working though 10 stations in each gym!  And it went as smooth as can be. 

Now, onto the WOD…Holy CRAP…this was killer!  My class split into 3 groups, each starting at different stations and working our way down the movements.  My group started on the knees to elbows.  I am getting better at these.  I think my hands hurt the worst of all with this movement.  Luckily they didn’t rip this time. 

I used a 35lb bar for the push press and these were pretty good.  I broke them down into sets of 10 to start, and then did the last 10 in 2 sets of 5. 

The back extensions were actually pretty good.  I hadn’t done them before, but kind of liked them.  I could certainly feel them in my hamstrings. 

I used a 12lb med ball for the wall balls, although the Rx was 14lbs.  12lbs is still 2 lbs heavier than any wall balls I had done before ( I think so anyways, will have to check my WODBook again!).  These were tough, but I broke them down into sets of 10 and then sets of 5, but got them done…and didn’t put the ball down for the whole time.  When I rested, I wedged the ball between my chest and the wall.  That was part of my plan, and I stuck to it…so that makes me happy.  (it’s the small victories, right!)

The burpees were f’ing awful…as always!  50 of them sure sucked, but I plugged away.  I was not fast at them at all, but I did them, and that’s what counts…at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

The double unders started out okay…12 in a row…and then that was it.  Just one or two at a time.  It made me so mad…and just reinforced that I need to get back to practicing in the basement.

The box jumps actually weren’t too bad.  I did the 20inch box and they were actually okay.  I was able to jump most of them and just took a couple of breaks where I stepped up and down for a couple of sets of 5 and then got back to jumping. 

And that’s as far as I got. Sad smile  There was a 35 minute time cap to the WOD and I only got through 7 stations before time was up.  I was exhausted at the end and a little disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish, but at least now I have a base to build from the next time this WOD comes around. 

its all about effort

After my WOD I rushed home to watch Game 7 of the Leafs – Bruins series.  My boys in blue were playing so well…up 4-2 with just over a minute to go…and then the wheels sort of fell off.  The Bruins got 2 quick ones to tie it up, after pulling their goalie.  That put the game into OT.  The boys put up a good fight, but in the end the big Bruins were just too much and they got the OT goal that gave them the series.  There were 4 sad people in my household when that Bruin goal went in, but we really enjoyed watching the Leafs in the playoffs.  They did better than they were expected and should be proud of their efforts.  We are already looking forward to next season.  They showed they can come together and play well, and we expect bigger and better things next year.
Leafs passion

Tomorrow I’ve got golf – teeing off at 4:30  – and then ball hockey at 10pm.  Gonna be a long day, so I should get my butt to bed!

Hope Monday treated you well. 
Only 4 more days until the weekend…and it’s a long one for us Canadians. 
Can’t wait!


9 responses to “I Survived…Barely!

  1. Awesome job on your workouts!!! Keep it up! 🙂


  2. evetheatheist says:

    Whoa…way to go on that WOD! I have heard horror stories about it…big kudos for going as hard as you did! Sorry about your Maple Leafs…Still better than my stupid Canucks! Cheers.


    • cathyo says:

      I’m a bit bummed I had to rest so much, but I think not eating much all day impacted my energy level. Only had 2 protien shakes ( 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch) and some grapes as a snack before the WOD. Didn’t want to eat dinner before and risk seeing pukey! But I sure devoured my frittata when I got home!

      Also bummed about the Leafs, but as a Leaf fan, I’m used to the disappointment. I really thought they might pull it off. Oh well….there’s always next year!


  3. I was so hoping the Leafs were going to pull it off 🙂 Now you can help me cheer on the Sens ;-)!!


    • cathyo says:

      as a Leafs fan it is hard for me to cheer for Alfredsson, but I guess as the only Canadian team left, I have to do it. although I’d like to see Pittsburgh win the cup again.


  4. […] the new gym location.  Last time I got through 7 stations in the 35 minute time cap.  See here for my first Filthy Fifty WOD recap.  I was nervous and excited to see how I would do tonight.  I was really hoping that I […]


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