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They Are Trying To Kill Me!

on May 13, 2013

Today is the first day for my CrossFit Box in it’s new home.
CFNC logo

CrossFit Newmarket Central moved from a small-ish 2000 square foot space to a brand new, wonderfully large, 9000 square foot space this past weekend.

Over the weekend I followed along on their Facebook page as the posted pics of the progress being made on the new space.  It looks amazing and I can’t wait to see it live and in person tonight for my WOD.

Well, I was super excited to go to class tonight to check out the new, and definitely improved space….until I saw what the WOD is going to be:

I’m pretty sure they are trying to kill me on the first day in the new digs!  I’ve never done the Filthy Fifty before, but I’ve heard it’s killer:

filthy fifty

There are just so many moves and so many reps!  Here’s how I’m going to attack it:

  1. Box jumps – should be okay.  I’ve done 20 inch jumps before (I’m pretty sure I’ve done 24 inch jumps before), so I will just try to count them off in sets of 10 and move on!
  2. Jumping pull-ups – I am thanking God these are not regular pull-ups!  Jumping pull-ups give me a fighting chance.  They are still hard for me, but at least I can do them.  50 won’t be fun, but again, hopefully I can crank them out in sets of 10.
  3. Kettlebell swings – 1 pood = 16 kilograms = 35.3 pounds.  I think this is the yellow kettlebell, which I “graduated” to last time we had a WOD that had kettlebells in them.  I’m pretty sure I can get through this one without too much trouble.  I like kettlebell swings, so hopefully this is an easier one to cross off the list!
  4. Walking lunges – 50 is nothing compared to the 200m walking lunges carrying 10lb dumb bells I did in a WOD a few Friday’s ago, so this shouldn’t be too bad…at least its just the lunge, no weights!
  5. Knees to Elbows – UGH…I can’t do these yet, so will be doing either the “knees to boobs” version or the “knees to anywhere” version, depending how much energy I have left after the 200 reps I’ve already done to get to this point of the WOD.  I just hope I don’t rip my hands again.  Last time we did K2E, I ripped my left palm just a tiny bit and it only just finally healed.
  6. 45lb Push Press – I’ve only done these once before and managed to get up to 70lbs, for 1 rep…hopefully in can do 50 with the 45lb bar, or may scale to 35lbs…will see what my coach says.
  7. Back extensions – I haven’t done these before.  No idea how hard or easy 50 of them might be.  Guess I will find out tonight!
  8. Wall balls – I have done wall balls before…lots of them, but never with a 14lb ball.  I think the max I’ve done is 12lbs maybe?  Will have to look back in my WODBook and see.  50 with a 14lb ball towards the end of this workout might just be too much!  Whatever weight I do go with, I will break it down into sets of 10 and try not to set the ball down between sets since that just means I will need to pick it up again.  Instead, I will rest it between my chest and the wall when I take my breaks.  A little trick I learned when watching Kristan Clever do the Open 13.3 on announcement night.
  9. Burpees – I can do burpees, sure, but 50 of them at the end of this is going to be pure hell.  I will try to do sets of 10 and just survive.
  10. Double Unders – I haven’t practiced my double unders in quite a while.  Damn…really wish I had kept that up now!  I think I got to 16 in a row, maybe once.  I will try to do 10 in a row and go from there.

I will post my time when I get home from class.  Wish me luck!

Have you done the Filthy Fifty?
What was your time?
What move do you find the hardest?

8 responses to “They Are Trying To Kill Me!

  1. MikeW says:

    Take it on gradually!


  2. leannenalani says:

    Sounds scary but if you pull it off then you’re superhuman! Never done anything like that.


  3. j! ayson says:

    Okay so most of the time I see the WOD posted and think “can’t be that bad” but omg, this filthy fifty sounds brutal! I don’t even think I could do jumping pull ups or knee to elbows, those sound hard! Love hearing you take on the challenge, it’s very inspiring!


    • cathyo says:

      it’s funny how some WOD’s look okay on paper and then are killer and some that you think will be pure hell aren’t that bad. This was was HELL!


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