My Pursuit of Happiness and Skinny Jeans

My journey to a smaller jean size

The Friday Five

on May 17, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY!  Let’s get right to it!

1.  It’s a LONG WEEKEND! 

Victoria Day 5

This extra day off is coming just at the right time.  Both Hubs and I have had a bit of a week from hell at work, so an extra day away from our respective offices is just what the doctor ordered.  I seriously think the doctor needs to order a week of sun and sand on a Caribbean island, but I don’t think that prescription will be filled any time soon Sad smile  So, until then, whenever that may be, we will make the most of this extended weekend.

We are heading up to the cottage later tonight.  We are totally not organized to go.  Everyone has to pack, we need to find the linens that we brought home to wash last fall, I need to plan and shop for Saturday lunch and dinner for the whole gang, and before any of that can happen, I need to hit CrossFit for my 5pm class.  I have no idea what time we will start the drive tonight…good thing the cottage is only about an hour and 20 minutes away.  Whatever time it is, I know when we finally get there and unpack everything, I am having a nice, cold Corona!  I can almost taste it now!

2.  I got beat up at CrossFit this week!  Between slashes on my arms and legs from double unders, bruises on my chest from push presses, and now a giant rope burn on my leg from last night’s rope climbs, I look like I’ve been through a war!
Image (3)

Of all of them, I think the rope burns are the worst.  They are actually quite tender and let me know they were there when the water hit them in the shower this morning.  Yowzers!  That stung!  I need to remember to bring my antibiotic ointment to the cottage this weekend so I can apply a few times and hopefully speed healing.

3.  Despite getting beat up, I can’t wait to hit the Box for my third workout of the week!  Tonight we are working on overhead squats again. Until a few weeks ago I hadn’t done one of these.  Now they seem to be in at least one WOD each week.  They are a great movement and although they are complicated and I can’t lift very much yet, I kind of like them.  Hopefully tonight I will be able to add a few more pounds to the bar. I’ve got my wrist wraps now, so hopefully that will give me a bit more stability and let me lift heavier too.  After the strength, we move into the WOD for a 21-15-9 back squats and shoulders to overhead.  Last time we had a workout like this I finished with 2 seconds to spare.  Hopefully tonight I can make it through all reps in the 10 minute time limit.  I will let you know!

may 17 WOD

(PS…I finished in 8:52 or something like that!)

4. I have finished my 30 day Isagenix cleanseOverall, I have to say I’m pleased with the results.  Most change seemed to happen in the first 11 days or so in terms of weight change and measurements.  At that point I had lost 8 lbs and 12 inches and that’s pretty much where I ended.  Although I’m sure if I took a body fat measure, that would have changed over the course of the month as well.  My clothes are fitting completely differently and things “look” better…and that’s really what I’m more concerned about, although a lower number on the scale is always nice. Smile Between this and the CrossFit I’m pretty sure I’ve gained muscle over the last month.  Now I need to focus on eating clean and continue with all my workouts/activities to make sure I’m getting stronger.

I still have a few shakes left in my cleanse pack and I ordered some more of these as well as some bars and the energetix stix.  I hope to have a shake for breakfast still, and if things are crazy I may have the odd one for lunch as well. The bars are mainly for days when I’ve got lots going on and need a little boost – like Tuesday’s when I have golf and ball hockey on the same night.  The energenix stix turn water into a healthy Gatorade type drink that I really liked on ball hockey days or WOD days when I don’t get to eat before I hit the gym.

I will see how this does this next month and adjust as needed.

5.  My weekly videos!   Seems to have become a regular feature on my blog that I’ve got a couple of videos.  This week I’ve got 2 for you.  One funny, and one motivational.  Hope you like them! (I have no idea why they won’t insert directly in my post this time.  You will have to click on the links…Sorry Sad smile)

Will Ferrell is sad about the Leafs too!

You boys aren’t so tough!

and here’s a bonus:
6.  I found some will power today!  We are driving up to the cottage tonight (I’m actually putting the finishing touches to this post from the car!  Gotta love rocket sticks!)  I got home from CrossFit shortly after 6, had a quick shower, packed my bag, put together 3 Tupperware of protein powder for my breakfasts at the cottage, and was out the door.  But not before I heated some leftover spinach and spiced chick peas.  I ate them in the car as the rest of my family went into McDonald’s for dinner. I have to say I am quite impressed with myself. I like McDonald’s and don’t think it’s too bad to have it once in a while, but just didn’t want to wreck my great day of food and exercise, so I  stuck to the plan and enjoyed a clean, healthy, delicious meal.  (I did treat myself to a $1 diet coke once I finished my chick peas!  not great, but could have been a LOT worse!)
photo (5)

And that’s it!  I’m almost to the cottage…about another 15 minutes or so.  I can almost taste that first Corona!

Have a great weekend, everyone!
Got any big plans?


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