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My Offline Weekend

on May 20, 2013

This was May 24 long weekend for us in Canada.  This is the unofficial kick off to summer…and for the first time in a long time, the weather was FANTASTIC!

I had planned on posting lots of pics to Instagram and posting a blog entry or two, but the Wi-Fi at the cottage didn’t work this weekend.  Despite calls to the service dept. and going into town to get a new modem, it still didn’t work.  I also had incredibly crappy cell reception.  Every once in a while a few emails would come in, but other than that, nothing much really worked on my phone.  Instagram wouldn’t update, Facebook wouldn’t update, twitter wouldn’t update…it was a bit frustrating!  All this meant I had an impromptu offline weekend.

Although I wasn’t able to post them, I still took quite a few pics this weekend.  Here are just a few images from our weekend of long weekend fun!

photo (10)

Top Left:  Nick taking the cousins for trips in the punt. They cruised up and down the lake and had a ball out there.  Top Right:  Jumping off the dock, even though the water was freezing!  Bottom Left:  Sitting at the locks, enjoying ice cream, watching the boats go through the lock.  Bottom Middle:  Catching crayfish.  Bottom Right:  My delicious Kawartha Lakes Dark Chocolate Bear Claw  ice cream cone – dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate covered cashews.  YUM!

Now, from the yummy to the gross…my rope climb rope burn is not doing very well.  I think it’s infected.  I have been putting polysporin on it all weekend, but today it was quite oozy and then my son accidentally kicked it when we were sitting at the table…OUCH!  It started to bleed and man, did it hurt.  Gross, eh!
photo (11)

I’ve got another busy week ahead:

Tuesday:  CrossFit at 6:30AM!  Golf 4:30 and ball hockey 8pm. It is supposed to rain tomorrow for most of the day, so golf may not happen.
Wednesday:  Jackson ball hockey 7pm, CrossFit 8:30pm
Thursday:   CrossFit 8:30pm
Friday:   Massage 5pm – can’t wait!!!!!
Saturday:  SpringFest 11am-3pm at my son’s school.  Since I’m on parent council, I need to be there around 10am to help set up.  Fingers crossed for good weather!
Sunday:  Day of rest! 

I’m not really looking forward to getting up at the crack of dawn to hit CrossFit tomorrow morning, but it was the only time I could make it work with my crazy schedule this week.  Tomorrow’s WOD looks like an interesting one…lots going on for sure:
WOD may 21

I’m sure this WOD will be tough…especially since I can’t eat before I go.  I need to get some routine blood work done tomorrow that needs to be taken after fasting for 12 hours.  My appointment is at 9:10am, so that means no food until after that. Good thing for me I ate like a trooper this weekend, so I should have some reserves to get me through the WOD!  I will let you know tomorrow!

Now, I should get my oozy leg and tired ass to bed.  6:30 is going to come early.

How was your weekend?
Here’s hoping the short week ahead flies by!!!


7 responses to “My Offline Weekend

  1. We had awesome crazy nice weather Fri/Sat/Mon. Sunday was not so awesome, but there’s a lot to be said for a couch, tea, and book-infused afternoon 🙂 No cottage for us – we live where people come to vacation! Nice to not have to leave. Hoping your rope burn heals. It looks painful.


  2. j! ayson says:

    As I’m typing out this email, you’ve already finished your awesome WOD! So glad to hear you had fabulous weather this long weekend.. we got RAIN! every single day 😦 wasn’t fun for us here, but oh well.. what can you do? And with our luck, the sun will come out bright and sunny this afternoon, while we’re all back at work.. hehe
    Ouch.. that rope burn looks very tender.. Another busy week ahead of you, but I love the focus and dedication to get those WOD in! Way to go!!


    • cathyo says:

      Yep, nothing like starting the day with a good sweat! I’m loving the snatch. So much going on with hat lift. Still not lifting much weight yet but I’m kicking ass on my form! LOL. How are your crossfit sessions going?

      Sucks about the crappy long weekend weather you had. Still an extra day off is always good! Have a good week!


      • j! ayson says:

        The sessions are going really good. Last Saturday we practiced dumbell cleans, and that was hard enough for me. I find that I over analyze my form but I’m getting there. I love how the coach was spending alot of time with me, watching my form, providing me tips to improve. Still feel alot of anxiety before each class but still loving each class too.


      • cathyo says:

        i’ve come to just accept the anxiety as part of the whole CF experience. once the wod starts all is good and your focussing on the moves so much you forget about your anxiety! so glad you are loving it.


  3. Same here, I think I’ll get frustrated too without wifi or internet for days.
    I love your pics! Looks like a fun weekend! 🙂


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