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Rise and Shine…More like Rise and Sweat!

on May 21, 2013

I was up at 6am today to head to CrossFit for the 6:30 class.  I will admit, I was not crazy about having to get up so early, but this was the only time that would work for me today to get my WOD in.

It was a great WOD:
WOD may 21

Part 1 was actually FUN!  I really like snatches!  There is a lot going on in the lift, but I love it.  I’m still not lifting very heavy, but my form is really coming along.  My overhead squats were much better today too.  I focused on keeping my arms pushing “up” and also on squeezing my shoulder blades/upper back to give stability.  I have no idea what my max hang snatch is.  I just used 35lbs for part 1 and that was enough to be challenging, but not sloppy. 

Part 2 was tough.  There were just so many reps to get through – apparently they call this type of WOD a “Chipper”.  I used 10lb dumb bells for this part of the WOD.  The toughest part for me was the thrusters…those 10lb weights felt like 100lbs!  The rest was tough, but really not that horrible.  Well, burpees are always horrible, and doing them with an additional 20lbs is not much fun, but I just kept moving and chipping away at them.  There was a 15 minute time cap to Part 2 of the WOD, and I finished in 14:11.  At the end, I was dripping with sweat and between the burpees and the push-ups, I left a puddle on the floor.  That made me happy! 
sweat is fat crying

Tonight was supposed to be my golf league, but the weather was a bit crazy with heavy downpours so we took the night off.

That just left ball hockey.  My team played at 8pm, which was why I needed to go to CrossFit this morning since ball hockey conflicted with my usual 8:30pm class time.

Ball hockey was good.  The arena was much warmer this week, which made for another good sweat!  Plus we won, which is always good! 

Now I’m home, tired, a bit sore from the WOD this morning, and also sore from running on a concrete floor (I feel it in my hips) and I took a ball in the shoulder, which left a nice mark and is achy.  All these aches and pains should make for a fun WOD tomorrow….which looks killer.  Seems like the theme of the week is 2 part WODs!
WOD may 22

This should be another fun WOD.  Lots of different moves, some which I can do, some that I can’t, so it will be hard….but that’s why I go! 
challenge you

Okay, now I need to take my tired ass and sore body to bed.  I’ve got a busy day at work and a killer WOD, so I need my rest!

Hope your Tuesday was a good one!
What’s your favourite CrossFit move?


5 responses to “Rise and Shine…More like Rise and Sweat!

  1. j! ayson says:

    Holy moly, your WODs are so intense! I LOVE IT! hehe.. I can’t wait til I know all the terminology and learn the different exercises, there’s still so much to learn. My favorite crossfit moves are things like, sumo squats, thrusters.. anything with weights really. I don’t mind burpees and pushups either.


  2. Awesome job on your workout Cathy! 🙂


  3. iwillrunforbacon says:

    Beauty of a WOD! Good work, Cathy!!


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