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The Friday Five

on May 24, 2013

Hello Friday and the Weekend…I Red heart U!
We’ve survived another week and it’s time for…

Here we go!

1.  My rope burn is seriously infected!  I had some routine blood work done on Tuesday as a follow up to my annual physical.  I got a message from the doctor’s office late Wednesday afternoon.  They had the results of my blood work and it showed an elevated white blood cell count.  This suggested some sort of infection.  They wanted me to give them a call. I called back yesterday and they asked if I had a cold when I got my blood taken.  I told them no, I didn’t have a cold, but I did have an idea of what the source of infection might be…my oozing rope burn.  They suggested I come in and see the doc to be sure.  So, off to the doc’s office I went yesterday afternoon.  When I saw the doc she too asked if I had a cold.  Again I said no.  She then said…”hmmm…then we need to find the source of infection”.  It was at this point that I showed her my leg and said I thought this might be it. She looked at it for maybe half a second and said yep, that would do it!  So now, just in time for capris and shorts weather…I am bandaged up.

photo (12)I’ve got to apply an antibiotic prescription to it three times a day for a week and keep it covered for that whole time.  I always thought keeping it dry and exposed would be better for it, but the doc says nope…keep it lubed up with a generous amount of the antibiotic ointment and keep it covered with a non-stick pad and wrapped up.  It will be all “gross and oozy” (very technical medical terms) and that will be all the infection leaving.  Once it is starting to look almost healed, I need to go get my blood tested again to make sure my white blood cell count goes back to normal.

This CrossFit really is trying to kill me!

2.  To prevent a repeat rope burn next time we do rope climbs, I bought some funky socks. 
soxboxI ordered these from The Sox Box.  They have all sorts of funky sayings on their socks.  I got the Yay Burpees, because I think they are funny…no one in their right mind says Yay Burpees.  I am a bit of a freak in that I don’t mind burpees, they are killer, but at the end you know you’ve worked hard!  I got the Thick Chick pair because I have calves from hell.  They are huge.  Seriously, buying boots is a nightmare.  I have been looking for a nice pair of black boots every winter, but any pair that I like won’t do up over my monster calves when I try them on.  With these socks I am embracing my thick chick calves.  I also ordered a pair of socks for my sister but not posting them on here so the saying will be a surprise when they arrive.

3.  I’m going for a massage tonight!  I can not wait!  I have been working hard and while I don’t have any specific pains, all of my muscles are tired and achy.  Also running on the concrete ball hockey pad twice a week is hell on my hips.  They don’t feel too bad right now, but I need to remember to mention it to Alaina that they have been bugging me a bit.  Stupid left over marathon injury!  I can’t wait to have a peaceful, relaxing hour!
Relax_and_Unwind880(Update: I’m finishing up this post after my massage…it was AWESOME!)

4.  I am addicted to David’s Tea Organic Gold Rush iced tea.  Last week while at the mall, I picked up some more Organic Gold Rush.  While I was there I took a look at their new spring teas.  They had a Mango Fruit Punch that smelled amazing.  The tea girl (do they have a fancy title similar to the coffee Barista??) said it’s great iced as well.  I had never had an iced tea so gave it a try.  OMG…so good!  She also said that the gold rush that I got was really good iced as well.  Well, I gave it a try and now I’m addicted.  I make an iced organic gold rush just about every afternoon.  I also learned you can eat the mulberries after the tea finishes steeping.  They are so good!  Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m more excited about the tea or eating the mulberries!  Either way, it is all good!
tea 2

5.  Video of the week.  I had seen this posted on facebook by a few people, but hadn’t watched it.  Then my sister had it in her blog post yesterday and i finally watched it.  Wow…Zach Sobiech was an amazing kid, with an amazing family, and he sent an amazing message.  Sadly, Zach lost his battle with cancer on May 20, 2013. Grab a Kleenex…you’re going to need it.

Zach Sobiech

And a bonus one to lighten things up a bit.
6.  Toronto’s mayor has been making headlines as claims have been made that he was caught on video smoking crack.  The mayor has been all over the news and the late night talk shows (The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Jimmy Kimmel, and likely a few others) have been having a field day with this.  Here’s the latest jab at Toronto that makes fun of Mayor Ford and the Leafs at the same time.
toronto mayor leafs joke

We will be going to my son’s school’s SpringFest tomorrow, but other than that I don’t have much planned for the weekend.  I don’t have any WODs scheduled as I’ve already had my 3 workouts this week.  Hopefully I can use these next couple of days to rest my achy muscles and plan out, shop for, and maybe even do some food prep, for a week’s worth of Clean Eating dinners.

What have you got lined up for the weekend?
Big plans or taking it easy?
Whatever it is…enjoy!


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