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A Super Short Week Ahead

on May 27, 2013

Another weekend is over Sad smile, but I’m looking forward to the week ahead.  For me, this is a super short week.  I’m only working 3 days and then taking Thursday and Friday as vacation days.  It’s time again for The Birdie Open!    I will be heading down to Niagara Falls to meet my girlfriends for our annual golf weekend.  I can’t wait!  More on Birdie in the days to come…for now, let’s recap my weekend.

I enjoyed an awesome massage Friday night after work.  As always, it was relaxing and soothing as my muscles always seem to be a little sore these days – thanks CrossFit Smile !  One extra nice part of this massage was when my therapist asked if I had lost weight!  I was very happy to say yes.  It’s nice that other people are noticing the change.

The rest of my weekend was rather uneventful.

Saturday I spend most of the day down at my son’s school, helping with SpringFest.  Saturday night, Rory, Jack and I went to a Japanese restaurant and enjoyed a delicious and entertaining dinner at the teppanyaki table.  I didn’t get many good photos before my phone died, but did get just a few.

Image (2)

The shrimp in the pic are Jacko’s dinner.  He didn’t want a full meal, so instead he polished off an order of edamame and then the shrimp.  He did get a little bit of everything else, though, as the chef made sure he got a taste of just about everything he cooked on the table – some chicken, some steak, veggies and rice.  It was a fantastic meal and we left happy and not too full.  The meal took over 2 hours, so we had lots of time to digest each course before the next one came.  It wasn’t a cheap meal, but we will definitely be going back so Nick can come with us next time. 

Today was a quiet day with laundry, menu planning, groceries, and watching some Arrested Development.  I only had a few days of food to worry about since I’ll be heading out on Thursday and Rory and the boys will be fending for themselves. 

Tonight we had Flank steak and grilled veggies…so good.
photo (10)

After I prepped tonight’s dinner, I also prepped tomorrow night’s dinner, which is just waiting in the fridge to be grilled up for a quick, tasty dinner tomorrow after work.
photo (13)

I actually made a double batch of burgers so I will have leftovers for some clean eating lunches this week at work.  Seriously, I Red heart leftovers!

Today, I also enjoyed few indulgent treats! 
photo (12)

Yep..that’s a mini pretzel dipped in Nutella…directly from the jar.  Not the healthiest snack, but I just needed a little chocolate good, but I really need to try to make sure this doesn’t become a habit!

I also enjoyed this…
photo (11)

This is the cutest little container of ice cream I have ever seen!  Despite being tiny, it sure packs in the calories, at a whopping 280 for the 118ml container.  I knew this was going to be a calorie packed treat, so after dinner I went for a 5k walk to be sure I got some exercise in today and not have to feel too guilty about enjoying my treat.
photo (14)

I enjoyed my walk.  I listened to my tunes and felt good moving, knowing I was going to be enjoying my Haagen-Dazs soon! 

I’ve got another busy week ahead:

Monday:   CrossFit 8:30pm
Tuesday:  Golf at 4:30, Ball Hockey at 8pm
Wednesday:  Ball hockey 7pm, CrossFit 8:30pm (need to be sure I have a good lunch and snacks today, since I probably won’t have time for much dinner before I need to go to ball hockey…and then CrossFit after…wish me luck!)
Thursday:  CrossFit 9:30am before I head down to Niagara Falls for my girls golf weekend
Friday:   18 holes of Golf at Peninsula Lakes Golf Course
Saturday:   18 holes of Golf at Thundering Waters – a John Daly course (I’m pretty sure this is where we will be playing our second round…should be fun)
Sunday:  Winding up the Birdie Open and then staying in Niagara Falls for a conference until Wednesday morning.  Looking forward to it.  Hopefully I will see a few interesting presentations and have a chance to network with fellow market researchers.

Now, as is all too common, it is late and I need to get to bed.  When will I learn!

How was your weekend?
What’s in store for the week ahead?


2 responses to “A Super Short Week Ahead

  1. leannenalani says:

    I love Japanese steakhouses. They are a lot of fun and the food is great. Oh thanks for reminding me about Arrested Development. I watched the first episode yesterday but gotta watch more today and tomorrow! For the week ahead – Lots of working out, staying late at work. Yeah, that’s about it.


    • cathyo says:

      I wasn’t all that impressed with he first new episode of arrested development but I will keep watching and hope it improves. It really is a funny show.
      Have a good week!


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