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1 More!

on May 28, 2013

Tuesday is over and that means only 1 more day of work for me and then my extra long weekend of fun begins!

I’m beat and really want to go to bed, so this will be short and sweet.

Lunch today was another take on the clean eating turkey zucchini burgers. I’ve found that the pita pockets are rather fragile and break apart as you eat, so today I just set the patties on top of the pita instead of stuffing them it in. I also added a dollop of tzitziki for an extra bit of yumminess.

Total deliciousness and I have the same waiting in the fridge at work for lunch tomorrow. Can’t wait!

This afternoon was supposed to be my golf league, but the weather was crappy, with rain and chilly temperatures, so once again, we took a pass. I’m not too upset about this because I will be playing 2 full 18-hole rounds of golf this weekend during the 2013 Birdie Open. This year I think we are playing Peninsula Lakes (this is a favourite course for the group so we always play one of our games here) and Thundering Waters which is a John Daly designed course. I’ve poked around the App Store and found that both of these courses have nice apps that include GPS, course overview, scorecards and more. I’m looking forward to using them.


While I missed my golf game this afternoon, I still got some exercise today at my ball hockey game. It was a good workout, with lots of running, including sprints as I tried to outrun the other team to get to the ball first. Most times I was successful, and I think I might be getting faster – at least I feel faster! We ended up with a tie, coming back in the last few minutes of the game to tie it up. I will miss next week’s game as I will be in Niagara Falls at a conference.

Tomorrow I am back at the Box for another CrossFit workout. It looks like another killer WOD. Should be fun!


I’ve got an early day tomorrow as my son has a softball practice at school tomorrow morning at 7:30. This means we need to leave at about 6:40 to make sure we have time to get down to the school for 7:30. And that means I should sign off of here and hit the hay.

Here’s hoping that tomorrow goes by quickly and I get to head off for my mini vacation (which then blends right into my conference) without having to worry about anything back at the office.

Hope your Tuesday was a good one!

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Find any good ones.


3 responses to “1 More!

  1. j! ayson says:

    I thought my Tuesday was going to be better.. I was going to be back at Crossfit after 2 days off, but at the end of the work day my head was killing me and I felt really nauseous again, so I had to cancel my Tuesday night class 😦
    Feeling much better today though, so I better be going to class.
    Those handstand pushups sound scary! Let me know how the WOD goes.


    • cathyo says:

      Glad you are feeling better. You need all your strength to survive your CrossFit class! I’m still doing the modified HSPU off a box, but might be ready to try the real version soon. Fingers crossed!


  2. Have great vacation Cathy! 🙂
    Download the Fitfluential App! It’s free! 🙂


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