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Working it Wednesday

on May 30, 2013

Wow…what a Wednesday! Busy day at work, and then a busy night of workouts.

First, I have to say once again how absolutely delicious this dish is: the Clean Eating Turkey Zucchini Burgers with Cilantro Mint Salsa and Tahini Sauce. I had leftovers again for lunch today and I enjoyed every bite. So good! And a little tzitziki kicked it up even more. Yum!!!


It’s a good thing that I ate a good lunch, because I didn’t get a chance to eat a real dinner. I had a 7pm ball hockey game and just didn’t have time between when I got home from work and when I had to leave to head to the rink. I had an Isagenix protein bar on my drive to the rink just to get something into my stomach. It was quite tasty and got me through my ball hockey game (we won 3-2 and I got 2 goals!).

My bigger worry about not eating a real dinner was that I had CrossFit after ball hockey. I wasn’t sure if I would have enough energy after ball hockey to make it through CrossFit. I drove from the rink straight to the Box and changed out of my sweaty ball hockey uniform and into my workout gear. Tonight’s WOD was 3 different 6 minute AMRAPs.

Thank God for the 3 minute rest between each round…I definitely needed it to recover.

So, as you can see, the WOD had lots of hand stand push ups. If you’ve been following along, you know that I hadn’t done full HSPUs yet. Earlier this week (or last week, I can’t remember…all these WODs are blurring together!) HSPUs were part of a WOD and I did them off a box. Tonight, when the coach was going through the workout he went around the class and asked who could do HSPU…he came to me and said “you can do them, right”. I told him I haven’t really tried other than one class when we learned the elements of the HSPU. He said I should give it a try with a couple of ab mats. Guess what…I could do them!!! For the WOD he had me use 3 ab mats just to help and because there were a lot of them to do in the WOD. Man, I was super pumped to be able to do them. So exciting! Here’s a pic that my coach took of me after we finished the WOD. It’s not perfect and I have a lot of room for improvement, but I did it! Wohoo!!!!

I also did much better on the knees to elbows, actually getting pretty close to my elbows and stringing them together with a bit of a kip. That was a nice bit of progress for me too.

All in all, it was a great night at CrossFit. Success at 2 moves and a total sweat fest. I could not believe how sweaty I was today. You can notice my shirt if quite wet with sweat. I love it! I know I worked hard tonight, that’s for sure!


I will be aback at the Box tomorrow morning at 9:30 where there is a killer WOD scheduled:
WOD Tomorrow:
For Time Complete:

100 Wall Balls #20/14
100 Pull-ups (8 minute time cap on this part)
100 Alternating Pistol Squats
100 1 Arm Alternating Dumbbell Snatches

There was a bit of talk about tomorrow’s WOD tonight during our 3 minute rest periods. It sounds like this will be insanely tough and the coach and another guy in class tonight weren’t sure anyone would be able to get it done Rx, and we will likely scale it to 50s instead. I guess I will find out when I get there tomorrow. 🙂

After my workout tomorrow I am home for a quick shower and change and then off to meet my girlfriends to start our golf weekend and the 2013 Birdie Open. Good friends, good golf, and I’m sure there will be some good laughs. I can’t wait!

Now I really should get my exhausted body to bed and get some rest so I will have some energy for that killer WOD tomorrow.

How was your Wednesday?
Did you conquer any CrossFit moves today?


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