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Totally Random Tuesday

on June 11, 2013

I’ve got a bunch of unrelated things to talk about today, so seems like a perfect opportunity for another…
Totally random tuesday 2

So, here we go!

1.  I am now prepared for rope climbs!  After my first attempt at rope climbs at CrossFit, I ended up with a nicely infected rope burn.  It was nasty and took a long time to heal.  Now, about 3 1/2 weeks after the actual rope climb, it is finally just healed.  I have no intention of going through that again, so I bought myself some SoxBox socks…and they arrived last week.  They are fun, they fit over my giant calves, and they will save my legs from anymore rope burns!
photo (14)

2.  I’m trying some new foods.  Since I have been trying out Paleo I have tried some new food items.  I’ve read a lot about these items on other blogs and seen them in recipes, so I finally broke down, hit the health food store in town, and bought them:  Almond Flour/Meal, Nutritional Yeast, Ghee, and Coconut Oil.  I’ve been using coconut oil for a while now – in a couple of recipes and to pop my popcorn (which although not Paleo, I imagine I will still enjoy once in a while as a treat).  The other three are new to me!
photo (15)

At this point I can’t remember which recipes I bought the almond meal or ghee for, but I already used the nutritional yeast in my black bean and quinoa burgers that I made on the weekend:
photo (17)

I have yet to try one of these burgers, but I will get a chance tomorrow for lunch!  Can’t wait. 

I will need to do a bit of research on the nutritional yeast but I think you can add it to almost anything as a healthy boost?? 

3.  I’ve organized my measuring cups and spoons.  My cupboard was becoming a disaster and I could never find the size that I needed.  I saw a great post on Pinterest and although mine isn’t quite as fancy (I just used removable 3M hooks), it does the trick.  Now everything is organized and I can find exactly what I need quickly.  I’ve also got a little measurement “cheat sheet” above with conversions. 
photo (16)

4.  I’ve got golf and ball hockey tonight.  I’ve got my first match play game of the season tonight with my EWGA golf league.  I’m playing against one of our group’s better golfers, Michele.  She is an 18 handicap.  I’m a 32.8!  That’s a big difference, but the match play format gives me a fighting chance to beat her.  Whoever wins the most holes, wins the match and since she is much better than I am, she has to give me “strokes” on each hole.  I think she may still win the match (she’s really good!), but I might give her a run for her money.  I will let you know how it goes.

After golf, I will grab a bite to eat at the course – likely a salad with grilled chicken – and then I am off to my 10pm ball hockey game.  I’m not really looking forward to this since it is so late, but once I get there and start to sweat, I know I will have fun. 

It does make for a late night with no time to write a blog post, hence the lunch time writing today!

Have you used nutritional yeast in anything? 
What’s it’s nutritional benefit?


6 responses to “Totally Random Tuesday

  1. I’ve used nutritional yeast a lot. It’s popular with vegetarians and vegans. Soooo since I am a vegetarian I’ve used it. It has protein and it also has B12 which you would get from eating meat and since I don’t eat meat of any kind it’s a good way to get some B12 in my diet 🙂


  2. losing50laps says:

    Love the measuring cup idea! And I need those burpee socks. I think I am going to buy stock BOB Red Mills company. I have that all over my kitchen!


  3. OMG! Those socks are the cutest! I like the one that says “burpees”! 🙂


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