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The Friday Five

on July 5, 2013

Even though it was a short week for me with Monday being the Canada Day stat holiday, I am still very glad that it’s Friday!  I had a good week at work, but i still love my weekends.

Let’s get to it!

friday five

1.  I’ve had a busy week at CrossFit. Here are the WOD that I did on Wednesday and Thursday night.
WOD july 3

wod july 4

These were both great workouts.  On both days I hit PR’s with my lifts!  For the front squat, I finally got to 100lbs. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I was happy to finally hit triple digits.  I did drop back to 55lbs for he AMRAP part of the WOD, but that’s okay.  I only used a black band for my ring dips, so I was happy about that to.  Slowly gaining some upper body strength!

For the shoulder workout last night, I struggled a bit with the strict press and didn’t hit my max, but got 5lbs shy of it, with 80lbs.  For the push press I got to 85, I think, and on the jerk I got to 95…I tried 100, but couldn’t stick it and had to bail. I’m still happy with 95 as that is the most I’ve ever done.  I would have loved to get the 100 as it just seems like a big milestone.  There were actually 3 of us trying…only 1 succeeded.  The two of us who missed will get it next time!

2.  I’m back at the Box tomorrow, and bringing my sister, Erin, as a guest!. My sister is one of the fittest people I know.  She is a natural athlete and is tall and slim in her build – the exact opposite of me!  She is a phys ed teacher and in her fitness class this year, did a lot of CrossFit type workouts with her classes.  She is thinking about joining a Box, so I’m dragging her along with me tomorrow to get a feel of what a real CrossFit class is like.  I’m super excited about this as tomorrow is a Partner WOD. 
WOD july 6

I haven’t done a partner WOD yet, so it will be a bit of a new thing for both of us!  She will probably put me to shame, but I’m used to that! 

3.  I got a new toy in the mail today!
ipad mini

Turns out I won a prize from one of booths in the trade show at the conference I went to last month.  I really don’t need an iPad mini, since I already have a full-sized iPad, but I’m certainly not gonna say no to a free one! 

4.  Tomorrow we are getting a “new” car.  My husband’s father passed away earlier this year. 
He had a 1991 Mazda Miata and hubby’s mother doesn’t want it, so she is giving the car to us. 

There is lots of paperwork that goes along with this gift, and technically the car is’s just all the other stuff that goes along with it that is going to cost us – it needs to have a safety inspection, we need to transfer the licence plates, and we need to insure it. Turns out the insurance company we have for our current cars will not insure a car over 19 years old.  So, hubs has spent the last few days trying to find someone who will insure it for us.  He finally found one, but it’s ridiculously expensive.  I have tried to convince hubs we don’t need this car and that it’s probably not the best use of our money to insure this car, but he has made up his mind and went ahead and insured it.  We think that once the car turns 25 years old, it gets “classic” status and the insurance becomes insanely cheap. We just have a few expensive years between now and then. 

As part of hub’s negotiations with me to get the car, he has offered up a trade that he will pay to insure the car instead of paying someone to paint our hallway. He figures it is about the same amount of money, so he says he will paint the hallway himself BEFORE the end of July.  We’ll see how that goes!

In the meantime, we will go get the car tomorrow and being it back home. Despite being 22 years old, it in excellent shape and only has 61,000km on it!  It should be a fun little summer car.

5.  Hubs got himself a new car, so I thought it only fair that I got a treat too!  We were at the mall shopping for a baby present and I popped into the Gap.  I picked up 3 cute tank tops to wear at CrossFit. 

I think I will wear one to CrossFit tomorrow for my partner WOD with my sister!

And here’s a bonus one:

6.  I took a trip down memory lane while I wrote this post.  My little guy wanted to watch a movie tonight.  Hubs tried to convince him to watch Almost Famous, but he wanted to watch Billy Madison.  We checked out the Movie Network and didn’t find Billy Madison, but we did find Sixteen Candles. 
sixteen candles

That movie makes me laugh every time.  “No more yanky my wanky.  The Donger need food!” Here’s a shocker…today Dong is 58 years old!  Man, I feel old!

What have you got lined up for your weekend?

Did you watch Sixteen Candles when it first came out?  
Any other favourites from that era?
Another favourite of mine is The Breakfast Club.

Happy Weekend!


8 responses to “The Friday Five

  1. Dong is 58? Now I feel old!


  2. j! ayson says:

    Awesome on the PRs! We did strict press and push press and I was only able to get to 55lbs they were so hard. Coach said I wasn’t aggressive/explosive enough.
    I’m working this weekend but did go to Crossfit this morning. It was killer!


  3. leannenalani says:

    I love 16 Candles! Wow I can’t believe that guy is in his 50’s. For real? Yikes. Breakfast club is right up there for me, too. Not a fan of Almost Famous for some reason. My weekend was spent camping and vacationing and stuff. :p


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